When a line captures your heart, when a beat tells the story of your life, that’s when music moves you. The drama and powerful impact of music, captured here.

WATCH: David Archuleta celebrates 10 years of ‘Crush’ with stripped-down version

The singer's debut single was released in August 2008

The 'Bboom Bboom' performers are in town for a private event

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IN PHOTOS: Momoland press conference in Manila

On their first visit to the Philippines as a group, the K-pop stars share the local ...

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Balut, beaches, and all the Filipino things Momoland wants to try

With his solo debut, the former IV of Spades frontman says goodbye to disco and searches ...

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'Grandma' sees Unique Salonga carving his own musical path

The Callalily frontman goes behind the scenes with his new record label, a collaboration ...

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Kean Cipriano launches O/C Records

The singer announces his first ever Asia tour

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The Weeknd is coming to Manila

Moonlane Festival’s solid lineup, curated by Orange & Lemons, was a mix of longtime ...

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IN PHOTOS: Your Pinoy rock faves share the stage at Orange & Lemons’s Moonlane Festival

'If you give us an open door, then we will show up'

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Meet the Philpop 2018 semi-finalists from Visayas and Mindanao

They weren't really supposed to sing it – but who's complaining?

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WATCH: Sponge Cola covers 'Miss You Like Crazy'

The two along with Jason Dy are set to hold a concert at the Newport Performing Arts ...

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How has R&B, soul music evolved in the Philippines? Jaya, Jay-R weigh in