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The Green Report: How to start a zero-waste lifestyle
The Green Report: How to start a zero-waste lifestyle
In this #TheGreenReport episode, Froilan Grate of GAIA Philippines talks about shifting to a zero-waste lifestyle and how individual choices can contribute to the bigger goal of saving the planet

MANILA, Philippines – Have you ever considered shifting to a zero-waste lifestyle?

Compared to a few years back, it is now easier to go green given the easy availability of eco-friendly merchandise such as bamboo utensils, metal straws, cups, and even shampoo and soap bars.

In this episode, Rappler’s environment reporter Iya Gozum talks to Froilan Grate, executive director of Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA), about his shift to a greener lifestyle years ago.

They also discuss the false dilemma between making individual lifestyle changes and demanding systemic changes from big polluters exacerbating climate change.

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