[Mother’s Day] Lakwatserang paruparo

Keisha Halili
A daughter lovingly blogs to RAPPLER about the most beautiful butterfly of her life — her mom

NANAY AND ME. The author and her mom 'surrounded' by butterflies. Photo from Keisha Halili

MANILA, Philippines – That’s what my mother calls herself on Facebook, on Twitter, on her blog, and she means it so much that other people outside of social networking sites have come to refer to her as this.

In her blog, she has this to say about why she chose this “pseudonym,” so to speak:

“I believe life is fleeting and time is short, very much like a butterfly. Therefore, we should make the most out of it and savor life in all its beauty, color, and splendor.”

And very much like a butterfly she is.

My mother is the type of person who lights up a room, not only with her fashionable and colorful outfits, but also with her charming smile and gregarious personality. It is a cliché to say that she can run for mayor in our city but you can bet this is true.

She is a passionate photographer, an amazing writer, and has a keen eye for unconventional pictures. I like how she does not want to be like everybody else when it comes to — well — practically everything! She always wants to be unique, not be part of the crowd, stand out in some way.

Even on Facebook where she spends most of her time in, she is the life of the “internet party.” Her posts are unrivalled, each post bearing a photo that carries an inspirational quote, some butterflies, and a couple of pictures (some of them are of us, her family).

I cannot speak for my lolo and lola but I bet she was not a rotten child, for my lola often told us that my mother was never a pain. Instead, she acted like a true ate (older sister) to her 6 other siblings, the head of the pack.

As a sibling, I think she was also well-loved because — although they would get into heated arguments during reunions — everyone always wants Nanay Tess’ opinion on matters in their lives.

As a friend, she has tons of them (in reality and in the cyber world).

Finally, as a mother, I could not ask for anyone better.

I do not speak for my two younger siblings for what I am about to say, but this is what I think about my mother: I used to perceive her as that all-perfect superhuman mother who could accomplish anything. But as I grew up, I realized how imperfect and human she really is.

I was disheartened at first upon realizing this, but then along with it came the realization that she was just like me, and that I can reach her. I’m 22 years old; she is 48. We have come to the point where we “get” each other.

I now feel what it is like to truly have a mother.

She was with me during my darkest days and my best moments. I could not have moved on without her unrelenting presence; and for merely being there, I love her, with as much love as possible.

So, like a butterfly, I know she will go one day (she likes talking about her death, for some reason), but I bet you, she will be remembered for being the best mother of all. – Rappler.com

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