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[Mother’s Day] Indeed, she is

Justine Maristela Guerrero
This daughter is definitely her mother's biggest fan :)

GUESS WHO'S MOM? The Guerrero family — all looking like siblings, really. Photo from Justine Guerrero

MANILA, Philippines – “She’s your daughter? You look like sisters!” and “She’s your mom? She’s like your sister!” are the usual comments I hear from people whenever I’m with my mom.

And I hate to admit it, but it IS true, my mom is like my sister.

You want to know why?

  • She looks really young and beautiful. While most of the time I am flattered when people say that I look like my dad, deep down I want people to say, “Hey, you have your mother’s smile.” Her smile is the most wonderful you can ever see. Her dimples will make you fall in love — that’s how my dad fell in love with her (aside from other things, of course).
  • She is very friendly. I know age is not a barrier for making friends but, admit it, some people tend to forget sometimes. That is not the case with my mom. Wherever we go, when she sees people she knows (even those who are not close to her), she still calls them (and she knows all of their names), says “Hello,” and flashes her sweet smile.
  • She has great taste in everything. You know how people get insulted whenever someone says, “You’re dressed like your mom”? Well, not me. In fact, I will be really flattered when someone will say that to me. But they never do. Why? It’s because my mom dresses better than me. I always go up to her room, borrow clothes, shoes, and bags, while wishing that she’ll tell me, “You can have whatever you want.” And most of the time, she says that. (Thank you, mama!)
  • She knows very well how to crack a joke. She can be very funny when she wants to be. Enough said.
  • She can play and sing with us. She knows how to play Pokemon, Beyblade, and other games as well because when my 9-year-old brother is looking for a playmate, she asks mom to play with him (and she does not hesitate). When my younger sister Joche Maire sings and plays new songs, mom also sings (and she knows the lyrics).


She really is amazing, right?

Saying “she’s the best mom” is already a cliché and I would rather say I am very lucky to have her as my mom.

Though there are times when we do not get along, I would never want to change the fact that she is my mom and I am very proud of her.

Every Mother’s Day, my siblings and I make something for mom that would tell her how wonderful she is. We often just leave it hanging on the wall or at her table for her to see.

But this Mother’s Day, I do not want it that way. I want everyone, not only her, to see how wonderful she is.

Dear mom, if you are reading this (and I know you are), I know nothing will ever be enough to be able to repay all the love you have given us. We love you, you know that.

Now let’s see those dimples. Smile! –

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