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[Best Eats] The yummiest day

Amyline Ching
If you plan to go food-tripping this weekend, we have some ideas for you!

MOCHIKO, AISHITERU! Chewy mochi and Oreo ice cream combined. What can go wrong? Image from Mochiko's Facebook page

MANILA, Philippines – Thanks to the culinary boom, Filipinos are becoming more and more adventurous with food. Testaments to this are the food start-ups in Mercato Centrale and at the Salcedo Weekend Market that introduce unique tastes to our palate.

A couple of these start-ups gave Manila foodies a sample of their products at the Yummy Eats 2012, an annual food fair where people can sample new food offerings in the market. 

Here are a couple of food start-ups that had RAPPLER sighing in pure gustatory heaven:

1. Guava basil sorbet by Pinkerton 

Guava and basil may not be the combination that people would easily pick from a line-up, but this ice cream pairing surprisingly works. Weirdly enough, the basil’s unique flavor gives the sour guava taste that much needed kick. 

2. Pumpkin and sunflower seed Mochi Buns 

People who like mochi ice cream will love this bread variation. Although Mochi Bun’s dark chocolate flavor is the must-buy, the unique texture and crunchiness of its Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds flavor definitely steal the show.

3. Chuck’s Grub beer-battered fish and chips

Beer-battered and deep-fried, can anything be so sinful and yet taste so heavenly? The signature dish of newcomer Chuck’s Grub is an addiction waiting to happen with its crunchy-on-the-outside-juicy-on-the-inside signature offering. 

4. Vegetarian chicharon by Wabi Sabi 

Junk food addicts will find a healthy haven in vegetarian chicharon. Crunchy and tasty, one could not help but go for another helping. 

5. Quezo-flavored inutak by Kristina’s   

The saltiness of the Quezo blends perfectly with the natural sweetness of the inutak, giving you that sweet-salty-gooey triumvirate that is hard to resist. 

6. Oreo and milk Mochiko

Oreo is a runaway favorite in ice creams and it is no surprise that Mochiko decides to come up with their own variation, and it does not disappoint. Oreo&Milk’s textures of crunchy and creamy is a playful contrast that your mouth can’t get enough of.

You may want to try these treats this weekend. If you do, tell us about your food adventure. Happy eating! –

(Amyline Quien Ching is the editor of Manila Bulletin’s junior section, Funpage, and parenting section, Moms&Kids.)

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