Food gifts for every person in your life

There's really no greater gift to give than food (or so we'd like to believe).

With so many food businesses and local items around, there's bound to be something special for each of your friends and family members. Whether it be for your health-conscious friend, vegan sister, sweet-crazed mother, newbie home cook father, or coffee-loving partner, here's a list of delicious food gift ideas to consider for the holidays, or even all year round!


For the caffeine addicts in your life, the gift of locally-sourced, quality coffee is never a bad idea. Mandaluyong-based Kapelipino sells packs of coffee beans (ground to your liking), from the comfortingly nutty macadamia (P190), the full-bodied Sagada dark (P180), to the smooth Mt. Apo (P380).

Kapelipino also sells reusable gift boxes ranging from P679 to P999, which includes a French press, honey, mugs, cups, saucers, drip coffee packs, and/or your choice of beans (Robusta, Benguet, Barako, or Kalinga).

Kapelipino is taking orders via Instagram.


Coffee connoisseurs (or even beginners) may appreciate premium items from Italian roaster brand Danesi Caffe, which is now available in the Philippines care of local business Pocofino.

You can get traditional Italian espresso from the 100-year-old Roman roaster in packs, tins, or capsules, from their mellow Gold Quality, earthy Emerald, to the strong Dopio, ranging from P350 to P2,800 (a decaf option is also available),

They even have a Coffee Lover’s Gift Set (P2,500), which includes their Emerald coffee, a moka pot, and a bamboo coffee scoop clip, as well as a Taste of Roma wooden crate (P3,500), complete with two coffee tins, a pack of beans, two cappuccino cups with saucers, and a scoop clip, too.

You can place your orders on Pocofino's website.

Aroma Truffle

For those crazy about anything and everything truffle, check out Aroma Truffle – this high-quality, hand-cooked potato chip brand is definitely made for truffle-natics looking for that distinct flavor in chips. Once you open the bag, the powerful, earthy scent of black truffle wafts in the air immediately.

The umami ridged chips are available in 3 savory flavors: original, parmesan cheese, and the slighty tangy honey dijon. It costs P400 a 100g bag.

Orders can be made via Instagram or their website.

Kaivegan Chicharon

Your vegan pals can get their dose of crunchy "chicharon" from Kain KaiVegan, a local business selling a tasty, 100% plant-based delicacy that can also be enjoyed by those just looking for healthier snack alternatives.

Their crunchy vegan chicharon is made from green peas, soybeans, brown rice, cassava, salt, cane vinegar, coconut oil, and spices, available in 3 flavors: original, which combines just the right amount of salt with sour notes from the suka; mushroom, which has an airier texture; and the mild spicy, which has a slight kick of spice. Each bag costs P100.

They're great on their own, dipped in vinegar (although they're already quite tangy), or as a topping to your plant-based meals or soups. You can order from the Taguig-based shop on Instagram.


Gift your health-conscious buddy guilt-free snacks from CraveWell – they produce gluten-free, cholesterol-free, transfat-free, and non-GMO crunchy chips in interesting flavors.

CraveWell has actual mixed veggie crisps (okra, purple sweet potato, string bean, carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato) in crab curry, kimchi, and wasabi powder, as well as banana crisps in sriracha, hickory BBQ, and tom yum.

They also have purple root crisps in sour cream and onion, sweet and salty, and nori wasabi, while their tropic fruit crisps includes pineapple, banana, jackfruit, coconut, and mango. Each bag is currently on sale for P73.92.

You can place your orders via their website.


Paging all sweet tooths and romantics! Drafts' customized gift boxes may just be for you. This local gift shop curates beautiful wooden boxes with a variety of handmade crafts: dried mini flower bouquets, fairy lights, typewritten flower cards, poems, jewelry, bookmarks, and even chewy home-baked cookies, all in one dainty package.

You can mix and match the crafts, depending on which curated box you choose. Drafts' prices range from P450 to P1,050. You can place your orders via Instagram. They're based in Maginhawa, Quezon City.

Molita Bakery

For the ube cheese fans in your life, Molita Bakery offers their own take on ube cheese rolls – the soft, fluffy, and sweet buns are made with real ube halaya, topped with a creamy cheddar glaze and grated cheese for a sweet-savory treat. They come in boxes of 3, 6, or 12 (P200, P380, P720). They also have a matcha cinnamon flavor, good for fans of green tea.

You can order from the Pasig-based bakery on Instagram.

Roxy Bakes

If you prefer your cookies on the crunchier side, check out Roxy Bakes – her generously-sized chocolate chip cookies are firm and crisp on the outside, chewy upon bite, with gooey, premium chocolate chunks inside.

Roxy has 3 flavors: the nutty oatmeal chocolate chip (P78), dutch chocolate chip (P78), and the classic choco chip (P70). She even has a cookie cake ready for P300, perfect for celebrations at home. You can order via Instagram.


Any (lazy) home cook would appreciate a stash of freshly-made pasta! Check out Noodlelab, a home kitchen that offers made-to-order, fresh pasta in classic egg, squid ink, and spinach bases, with prices ranging from P300 to P800. Their shapes include spaghetti, linguine, tagliatelle, reginette, pappardelle, and lasagna. You'll really taste and feel the difference between dried pasta versus fresh, handmade pasta!

Noodlelab also sells filled noodles and canned sauces. Their noodles are super convenient to prepare, too – all you have to do is boil them for a few minutes, straight from the freezer. You can order through Instagram.

Stock At Home

Lazy foodies stuck at home need not panic – Kapitolyo-based Stock At Home offers ready-to-cook kits of Khao Soi Gai, a hearty, fragrant, and creamy curry noodle soup from Chiang Mai, Thailand, packed with fresh veggies and chicken, good enough for two. The other variant, Khao Soi Nuea, has beef.

Their Khao Soi Gai set (P650) already includes broth, dried and fried noodles, mustard greens, sliced shallots, lime, chili paste, a recipe, and a reusable gift bag. For the Khao Soi Nuea broth, it costs P850. Don’t worry, Stock At Home's kits are easy to do, fast to prepare, and worth it!

Other sets are available for a higher price, which includes additional stoneware bowls and larger servings. To order, message their Instagram.

The Lazy Mom

For no-fuss breakfast meals or easy-to-whip pasta dishes, there's nothing a bottle of gourmet tuyo can't fix. Home kitchen The Lazy Mom sells freshly-bottled jars of original or spicy tender tuyo fillets (P140/P185), soaked in pure olive oil, carrots, and spices, as well as gourmet tinapa in lemon (P210), soaked in olive oil, lemon slices, spices, and peppercorns.

For gifting ideas, The Lazy Mom offers a Gourmet Tuyo gift set (P700), which includes two jars, a cute, ceramic baking dish, and biodegradable paper shreds you can use as plant compost.

She's based in Carmona, Cavite with a Metro Manila delivery hub is in Makati City. You can order via Instagram.

Chanos Noms

For fans of bangus (milkfish), Cha Noms offers an easy solution to saucy, fishy cravings with their ready-to-eat, preservative-free jar of gourmet milkfish – boneless, savory, and slow-cooked in tomato sauce, olive oil, garlic, and spices until tender. The mild spicy and spicy jar costs P189.

Aside from having it with rice or bread, Chanos Noms also recommends it as a pasta dish. They also sell a homemade tagliolini kit (P549), which includes two milkfish jars and fresh noodles, good enough for 4-5 persons. There's also a fail-proof recipe card included (the bangus works well with fresh veggies and some lemon juice).

You can order via Instagram.

Mad About Herbs

For foodies, and aspiring home cooks, Mad About Herbs' curated boxes of all-natural, preservative-free, MSG-free local herbs and seasonings would be a thoughtful gift idea!

MAH has a Joy Gift Box (P520) with herbed/spicy honey, chili garlic, and basil/rosemary/chili lime salt; and a Gold Gift Box (P940), with blue tea, basil-infused olive oil, fried garlic, herbed honey, and rosemary salt.

Aside from herbs, they also offer boxes of loose leaf tea, superfoods, and coffee. You can place your orders via Facebook.


For the tea-tas in your life, Teatoxify is here to provide boxes of high-quality, organic dried loose leaf and fruit teas to help provide your system with all-natural tea goodness for 28 days.

Teatoxify's 28-day dried fruit and botanical tea sets cost P1,149, and already includes a pretty rose gold tea strainer. If you want a bottle of honey included, that's P1,349. Teatoxify's loose leaf variants include rose, lavender, hibiscus, green tea, and peony, each with their own benefits.

They're based in Bonifacio Global City. You can order through their Instagram page.

Hanchi Kimchi

Samgyup feasts at home aren't complete without side dishes, right? For homemade kimchi, check out local biz Hanchi Kimchi, who sells traditionally-aged original kimchi in jars (P230), made hot, spicy, and tangy with Napa cabbage and carrots. They also have mild spice and wild spice variants.

Hanchi also offers gamja jorim (P160), the Korean side dish of braised, chewy baby potatoes in a sticky, sweet soy glaze with sesame seeds.

You can place your orders on Instagram.

Cultur'd Manila

Another probiotic-friendly gift idea is kombucha, the fizzy, sweet-sour, fermented tea drink that's good for your gut. Home business Cultur'd Manila makes vegan-friendly, home-brewed kombucha with synbiotic fruit sinkers in sweet, fruity flavors.

Cultur'd sells them raw and unpasteurized at P180 and P399 by the glass bottle in lychee, blueberry, peach, and dragonfruit variants, as well as a sangria version for P499.

You can order yours on Instagram.

Erik Kayser

For authentic French pastries, consider Eric Kayser Philippines – the premium bakery currently has 3 limited edition cakes, with one being the light strawberry cream cake (P1,800), made with soft, airy sponge cake soaked in strawberry syrup, white chocolate, and vanilla bean ganache, topped with fresh strawberries; perfect for fans of strawberry shortcake.

Chocoholics would enjoy the decadent crousty (P1,600), made with macadamia crumble, nougatine, and dark chocolate, as well as the sinful opera cake (P1,600), featuring moist sponge cake and rich layers of dark chocolate ganache, coffee syrup, and coffee buttercream.

You can place your orders for delivery via their website.


In terms of presentation and taste, Bizu Patisserie's premium sweet and savory holiday treats can liven up any home feast. A standout (literally) is Bizu's Macaron De Paris Tower at one or two feet, which has a peppermint cream as the "glue" holding up Bizu's signature chocolate ganache-filled French macarons. It starts at P8,500.

Bizu also has a Chocolate Truffle Pyramid of different flavors at P855. For a savory appetizer choice, Bizu's Smoked Salmon Caviar Cake is here, available in 3 sizes: solo (P690), midi (P3,025), and grande (P5,100).

You can order via Bizu's website. –

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