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Party for one! Singles share their favorite things about flying solo

Amanda T. Lago

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Party for one! Singles share their favorite things about flying solo


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MANILA, Philippines – In a world obsessed with hugot, kilig, love songs, and love stories, being single is still severely underrated.

But in the wise words of President Nadine Lustre: C’mon guys, it’s 2023! It’s time we buried the idea that being single automatically equates to being sad, lonely, and incomplete.

Having a jowa is great and all – that at any given time, you have a date, lover, travel buddy, and someone to take care of you when you’re sick. Plus, you don’t have to go through the hot mess that is modern-day dating. 

But romantic relationships have been so, well, romanticized that people tend to forget how fun and fulfilling singlehood can be and how it might just be what one needs at any given time.

For our happily single readers, not having a partner comes with a lot of benefits. Here are some that they shared:

‘Peace of mind’

A lot of people said that having “peace” or “peace of mind” is one of their favorite things about being single.

For some, “peace of mind” means not worrying if someone is cheating on you – which is obviously something people in healthy and trusting relationships don’t have to think of. But “peace of mind” can also mean not being preoccupied by another person’s health, happiness, or safety. It may sound selfish, but in the kind of world we live in, people deserve that kind of peace.

Prioritizing YOUR wants

Even in the healthiest relationships, you still have to consider someone else’s feelings when you pursue your wants and needs. When you’re single, you can make decisions based completely on what you want.

There’s no need to compromise on what movie to watch or where to eat. You don’t have to wait for someone else to continue bingeing that series. If you wanted to move to a different province, go traveling, get a dog, or go back to school, you could do so without having to affect anyone else’s life.

Hooking up

Being single also comes with the unique benefit of being able to flirt and enjoy casual sex freely. Having sex with no strings attached and being able to experiment with different partners can, in itself, be a very healthy way of self-discovery if done safely and consensually, and this is something a lot of singles enjoy.

Owning your time and money

Without having to spend for dates and anniversaries, or having to save up for weddings, and a future family, a lot of singles are able to spend their money on no one else but themselves. In this economy, that’s a definite perk.

Not being in a relationship can also mean having more time to spend with other people and yourself. Having a girls’ or boys’ night with friends, spending weekends with family, and going on solo trips become more effortless when you’re single.


Beyond the more obvious perks – hook-ups, time, freedom – being single also means you can figure out who you are without worrying about hurting anyone. On your own, you have the space to learn about and work on the best and worst parts of you – from your strengths to your insecurities and everything in between – and no one will judge you, be afraid of you, or be hurt by your actions.

Finding happiness on your own

Single people are often painted as sad, lonely, and bitter, and a lot of people – singles included – buy into that narrative. It’s easy to see why. From songs to movies to cultural traditions, not being in a relationship isn’t typically something that’s celebrated. Being single is the best way to unlearn all of that though, and when you are able to prove that you can be happy on your own, it can be especially empowering.

Ultimately, when you fully embrace it, being single isn’t that much different from having a partner. Life can be beautiful and exciting no matter what your relationship status is. It’s just that, when you’re single, the pleasure, joy, and growth you experience comes mostly from you – and that in itself is a source of pride unique to parties of one. (Siri, play “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus.) –

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