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Drug lords controlling politicians – Dela Rosa

Rhadyz B. Barcia
Drug lords controlling politicians – Dela Rosa
PNP chief Dela Rosa says, 'Our fearless forecast is that by January 1, we will eliminate 70% to 90% of drugs'

LEGAZPI CITY, Philippines –  Police chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa said on Friday, September 16, the Philippines was heading toward a doomsday scenario without a stronger war on drugs.

Dela Rosa said this during a press conference at Camp General Simeon Ola on Friday, September 16.

The director general said the past 3 decades have seen the country run by narcopolitics, with numerous politicians winning in past elections through the support of powerful drug lords.

These drug lords operating in the country are also involved in illegal gambling, explained Dela Rosa.

Dela Rosa cited one prosecutor whom he said receives P600 million annually from drug lords, with the money being deposited to his bank account. He also said some of these drug lords still threaten judges despite being behind bars. 

He added that many elected mayors in the country won in the past elections due to financial support from drug lords. 

“Many politicians in the country won in the past elections due to drug money from drug lords. Narcopolitics is taking place in our country, like in the case of Lanao, wherein numerous mayors admitted that they won because of drug money,” he said.

Dela Rosa also pointed to cops from Regions 6 and 7 receiving bribes from drug lords. These cops, he pointed out, are now assigned to Maguindanao.

He also explained that under the helm of President Rodrigo Duterte, some 720,000 out of a total of 1.8 million Filipinos on drug watch lists have surrendered to the Philippine National Police’s Oplan TokHang and double-barreled drug-fighting campaign.

High expectations

The police, according to Dela Rosa, is trying its best to eradicate drug operations within 6 months.

Said Dela Rosa, “The expectation of Filipino people is so high and I (would) feel guilty if we cannot accomplish our target to get rid of the drug menace in the country.”

He admitted, however, that they even if they could not totally eliminate drugs, they could drastically reduce it by 90% by January of next year.

“Our fearless forecast is that by January 1, we will eliminate 70% to 90% of drugs,” he said.

Dela Rosa added the two-month period alone under President Duterte’s leadership has brought tremendous gains in the campaign against illegal drugs. 

“In the war against drugs, let us continue even stronger for the next 4 months. We cannot afford to let our guard down. So in our fight against illegal drugs, don’t let the enemy hit you. Stay alive to survive because there is no Commission on Human Rights that will feed your family and send your children to school,” the country’s top cop said.

Dela Rosa vowed to support his men thoroughly in their fight against illegal drugs but also asked them to reform, to do their work with professionalism, and to observe courtesy and human rights.

“Many cops are involved in drugs. This is the time for us to reform. As chief of the PNP, I’ll be a good father to you, I’ll take care of you, and we will support you all the way but be good sons,” the top cop said. –    


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