36 Years

36 Years: Remembering the People Power Revolution

36 Years: Remembering the People Power Revolution
Human rights lawyer Chel Diokno says commemorating the revolution requires remembering the horrors that led to it – and calling that period for what it was: a Marcos dictatorship

MANILA, Philippines – For this week’s episode of 36 Years, we speak to human rights lawyer Chel Diokno about the 1986 revolution, why it’s important to commemorate it, and how we’re to commemorate it when the son of the dictator it ousted is back in Malacañang. 

Diokno’s personal history and that of the country’s are intertwined, particularly when it comes to the revolution. His father, who would go on to be the first chief of the Commission on Human Rights, was a legislator who was captured and jailed without explanation when Ferdinand Marcos first declared Martial Law. 

From a young age, Diokno has been witness to the horrors of the dictatorship and the struggles of a young democracy after its liberation. Yet he remains optimistic and, in this interview, says that despite the horrors of the past and new threats that loom, it’s still a “wonderful time to be alive.”

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