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WATCH: Fiesta sa Semana Santa
WATCH: Fiesta sa Semana Santa
The celebration of Priests’ Day breaks the somber mood of Holy Week, as parishioners welcome pastors back in their arms after renewing their priestly vows

MANILA, Philippines – At the Manila Cathedral and other churches across the country, the fiesta-like atmosphere of Priests’ Day breaks the somber mood of the holiest days of the Christian faith.

Priests’ Day is when clergymen renew their vows before their bishop during the Chrism Mass on Maundy Thursday. At the Manila Cathedral, parishioners – with tarpaulins, flowers, headbands, and balloons – eagerly await their priests outside the church building while drums are beating.

In this Holy Week vlog, Rappler senior multimedia reporter Paterno Esmaquel II reports on this mini-fiesta in honor of Catholic priests. While Filipinos love them, what is now the challenge for clergymen?

Rappler production specialist Ulysis Pontanares, who was shooting the event, also meets his fellow Makati parishioners in the middle of this coverage – to the delight of their parish priest, who ends with a message about using one’s talents.

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