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WATCH: How the propaganda machine took a beating when #OustDuterteNow trended
WATCH: How the propaganda machine took a beating when #OustDuterteNow trended
As the coronavirus pandemic rages, political analysts say the outbreak may be Duterte's biggest test yet

Analysts say the Duterte administration’s response to the raging health crisis carries a high political cost. The outbreak hits several of the President’s main constituencies in both the middle class and overseas Filipino workers.

Ateneo School of Government Dean Ronald Mendoza says that if government is unable to respond effectively, “we may witness change in political support.”

Another analyst, University of the Philippines political science professor Ela Atienza, says Duterte and his team may have touted the war on drugs, massive infrastructure programs, and development in regions outside Metro Manila as legacies of his administration, but it’s clear the pandemic “has changed the agenda for the rest of his term.”

Watch this video and find out how Rappler documented the beating that the propaganda machine took at the hands of unaligned, unpoliticized individuals.

Data shows the #OustDuterteNow trend was largely organic and participatory, with little signs of manipulation or coordination. This pointed to a groundswell of negative public sentiments against the President’s handling of the crisis.

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