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Mark Munoz makes successful return to Octagon

Carlos Cinco
Coming off a loss and a long layoff, Mark 'The Filipino Wrecking Machine' Munoz proves he still has a lot of fight in him

REDEMPTION. Mark 'The Filipino Wrecking Machine' Munoz completes a successful comeback with a victory over Tim “The Barbarian” Boetsch. Photo from

LAS VEGAS – Mark “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Munoz spent close to an entire year away from the Octagon following his knockout loss to Chris Weidman.

In his undercard fight tonight at UFC 162, he spent half of the 1st round fighting ring rust, and got locked in a dangerous guillotine choke that nearly finished him.

His opponent, Tim “The Barbarian” Boetsch, is known for his impressive wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu moves. In round one out of 3, Boetsch caught Munoz in an arm-in guillotine that could have ended the fight. Munoz got free and landed in top position.

Munoz was nursing a broken foot prior to UFC 162, but he showed no sign of injury in the way he dominated Boetsch on the ground.

FAT TO RIPPED. Mark Munoz shows off how he battled 'injury, self-doubt, and depression'. Photo from

Wrecking machine

Munoz pounded Boetsch with thunderous body shots from virtually all advantageous positions. Joe Rogan described Munoz’s performance as “the most dynamic ground and pound to the body” he had ever seen.

If the first round was a close one with Munoz initially struggling to find his rhythm and Boetsch doing well with a few submission attempts, the 2nd round was all Munoz.

Munoz battered Boetsch unrelentingly for 5 minutes. The crowd could hear the loud thuds as Munoz’s fists rammed into Boetsch’s midsection. The body shots took a lot out of “The Barbarian” as he was visibly hobbled by the blows.

But Boetsch was far from done.

STARE DOWN. Mark Munoz and Tim Boetsch face-off during the weigh-in prior to their match. Photo from

Like a bat out of hell, Boetsch went for a Hail Mary submission as soon as the third round started, and almost caught Munoz in another guillotine. The Filipino was able to slip out, working on a Kimura arm-lock of his own.

This fight was not about submissions, however. It was about old-fashioned wrestling.

“I brought my Donkey Kong tonight,” said Munoz who resembled the classic video game character with the way he was raining down hammer fists.

Boetsch made it to the end of the fight, but not without sacrificing his body. He will be sore for a while.

Munoz landed 160 strikes at an unprecedented 90% accuracy, according to statistics. Of those strikes, 115 were on the ground.

Apart from a few close submission attempts, Boetsch was not able to do much at all, and Munoz won the fight via unanimous decision. –

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