[WATCH] Roots and Routes: Quiapo’s hidden landmarks

[WATCH] Roots and Routes: Quiapo’s hidden landmarks
There's more to Quiapo than its famous churches. Discover a quirkier side of the district with a Manila tour guide.

MANILA, Philippines – When one hears the word “Quiapo,” one would automatically think of the historic Quiapo Church and the annual Feast of the Black Nazarene. Or, perhaps, camera enthusiasts would imagine the chaotic Hidalgo street, full of establishments that sell camera gear, repair services, and even develop 35mm film.

But the famed Manila district holds many more hidden treasures, ready to be discovered by the intrepid city explorer. Rappler partnered with tour group Wander Manila to show you lesser-known heritage gems in Quiapo.

Walk with Wander Manila’s Benjamin Canapi as he explains the quirks and historical significance of these structures. They’ve been identified by heritage advocates and included in plans to declare Quiapo a heritage zone.

Mapping the cultural and historical gems of Philippine cities is key to preserving the uniqueness of our urban spaces. Lawmakers behind bills seeking to protect and develop Quiapo believe heritage conservation can bring economic growth to the district and its communities.

Discover how our roots bring life and meaning to the routes we take in our cities.


Presenter: Benjamin Canapi, Wander Manila
Producer: Cara Angeline Oliver
Videographers: Franz Lopez, Errol Almario
Video editor: JP San Pedro
Animator: Marian Hukom
Graphics: Marian Hukom, Nico Villarete, Alyssa Arizabal
Intern: Ian Capoquian
Supervising producer: Beth Frondoso

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Involving communities in heritage conservation, and balancing this with inclusive economic development, are ways to #MakeManilaLiveable. Rappler is collaborating with civil society groups to push for improving quality of life in Philippine cities, one city at a time. Learn about the movement here.

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