Jaira Roxas

Head, Person, Face

About Jaira Roxas

As a multimedia producer, Jaira produces Rappler newscasts, shows, podcasts, and videos, all the while co-organizing the company's major events. She likes working on video stories from the communities and individuals who believe that little acts of courage can spark change.

She majored in communications at the University of the Philippines-Los Baños, and she is interested in studying language and culture, especially in the context of the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Pop culture interests her, too, as she enjoyed courses related to film and literature when she was in college. She also did quite a number of theater productions, doing work both onstage and backstage.

Jaira has been interested in journalism since she was 4, reading the back of shampoo bottles and snacks imitating news anchors. Since then, she knew that one way or another, telling stories will always be one thing she'll love doing.