May pamamanhid at tusok-tusok? Neuri the chatbot can help you #KnowTheFeeling

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May pamamanhid at tusok-tusok? Neuri the chatbot can help you #KnowTheFeeling
Learn more about the symptoms of nerve damage

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Laging nakakaramdam ng pamamanhid at tusok-tusok na pabalik-balik? People often think that these are just signs of stress and exhaustion. But if you’re experiencing these almost every day, these could already be symptoms of nerve damage. In fact, a lot of Filipinos might already be suffering from these symptoms without knowing.

In 2022, a Philippines Neuropathy Survey1 from BrandWorks Market Intelligence & Consulting was conducted among 400 Filipinos based in Metro Manila, Visayas, and Mindanao from ages 35 to 65.

According to the survey, the majority of the respondents experience at least one of the three nerve damage symptoms – pamamanhid, tusok-tusok, and pangangalay. Meanwhile, 80% of the respondents experience all of the three symptoms.

When asked about what facets of their lives are affected by nerve damage symptoms, the top three answers ranged from work or source of income, doing household chores, and basic mobility in general. Despite these findings, it was found out that nerve health remains to be of less priority among Filipinos who consider nerve damage symptoms as just “normal” and “part of life.”

Moreover, the awareness of the term “neuropathy” also remains low, while the awareness of the term “nerve damage” is almost unchanged compared to the 2020 survey results in the Greater Manila Area.

How to #KnowTheFeeling

To help Filipinos become more aware of neuropathy, Vitamins B1+B6+B12 (Neurobion) launched Neuri, a chatbot that can help assess your risk factors for nerve damage.

You can access Neuri the chatbot by visiting https://www.neurobion-neuri.com/ using any browser on your desktop or mobile device. Neuri can help you check if your symptoms are signs of nerve damage by asking a few questions. 

The questions you will be asked are similar to what a doctor might also ask you: What kind of sensations do you feel in your hands and feet? How long have you been feeling these sensations? Do they get worse at night? And more specific questions to help guide your next steps.

While chatting with Neuri is better than searching the whole world wide web and getting inaccurate information, this consultation is, of course, not intended to replace a visit to a doctor. That’s why there’s also a button within Neuri that lets you find doctors near your area so you can schedule a more thorough consultation.

You can also find a button that will lead you to recommended products to help prevent and manage the symptoms of nerve damage.  

Taking care of your nerves

It’s always better to start taking care of your nerves before the symptoms of pamamanhid at tusok-tusok na pabalik-balik get worse. Here are some of the ways you can do that.

  • Include at least 30 minutes of exercise like aerobics or balance training to your daily routine.
  • Eat food rich in nerve-nourishing vitamin B like whole grains, lean meat, vegetables, nuts, and fish.
  • Get the recommended six to eight hours of sleep every night.
  • Make sure you have enough B vitamins in your body with the help of daily supplements.
  • You can also consult with your doctor about neurotropic B1+B6+B12 vitamins.  

#KnowTheFeeling and treat nerve damage early by following a healthy lifestyle and consulting with your doctor whenever you feel symptoms of recurring pamamanhid at tusok-tusok. Vitamins B1+B6+B12 (Neurobion) with regular use, can help stop recurring tusok-tusok and  pamamanhid from bothering you again, with proper diet and exercise.  

Consult with your doctor today so you can learn about the symptoms of nerve damage and #FeelLife with Vitamins B1+B6+B12 (Neurobion). 

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor. – Rappler.com 

ASC Reference Code: P0283P051023N

1. BrandWorks Market Intelligence & Consulting. (May 2022). 2022 Neuropathy Study: Metro Manila and VisMin survey.

The consumer study cited had a sample size of 400 respondents aged 35 to 65, based in Metro Manila, Visayas, and Mindanao. SEC ABCDE was gathered for this study. Interviews were conducted via face-to-face interviews within May 2022.

2. Laging namamanhid at nangangalay? There are ways to address it. (December 2020) https://www.rappler.com/brandrap/health-beauty-and-wellness/ways-avoid-neuropathy-nerve-damage/

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