WATCH: Nurturing the gift at home

WATCH: Nurturing the gift at home
Theater actress and Promil Kid Sheena Bentoy shares us how vlogging has helped her grow as a performer

MANILA, Philippines — 14-year old Sheena Bentoy went through a massive shift in both education and career over the past year. With school going online and theater productions on hold, Sheena could not imagine how she could nurture her gifts at home.

As online video became a huge part of her schooling, Sheena thought about starting a vlog. This encouraged her to try new activities such as painting, cooking, and playing the ukulele. With more time at home, Sheena is now learning to manage her schedule and activities — life skills that will help her grow as her own artist.

Now Sheena is thriving in the online space. Whether it’s hosting a virtual event or posting a new song cover, Sheena has made the world wide web her new stage.

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