A rookie gamer’s guide to streaming equipment essentials

Giselle S. Barrientos
A rookie gamer’s guide to streaming equipment essentials
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These days, it can be just as exciting to stay in than to go out thanks to everything the internet has to offer. If you’re a gamer, this may resonate with you even more, since you can experience hundreds of adventures, connect with fellow players, and experience freedom in digital worlds from the comfort of your home gaming chair. 

If you’ve been feeling inspired to share this passion (and more importantly, your gaming W’s) with the cyberworld, you might be interested in starting a streaming hobby. But where does one start beyond their basic PC? For any streaming career, the first step would be to gather tools for your streaming setup. For soon-to-be gaming streamers who need a quick rundown of basic equipment, this article will help you begin your shopping list.

Gaming gear 

Are you a game console aficionado? Then the first essential would be your console of choice. If you plan on streaming on the top live streaming platform Twitch, the current-generation PlayStation (look at the PlayStation 4 or 5) and xBox (choose the X or S series) units can be directly connected to the platform. If you’re a Nintendo Switch user, don’t fret: You can also stream on Twitch via your PC, with the help of a tool called a capture card.

For PC players who need to simultaneously run their gaming and streaming operations, they’ll need a heavy-duty unit that can handle the heat. According to Twitch, the recommended specs would be a Windows 10 64-bit for the OS; either the NVIDIA GTX 10 series (or newer) or AMD RX400 series (or newer) for the GPU; at least 8 GB for RAM; and an eight-thread Intel or AMD-equipped processor for the CPU.

Video gear

To show your priceless reactions to a brilliant victory, shocking defeat, or the occasional funny glitch, you will need a camera. Technically, a built-in web camera would suffice. But for something more HD, you can use streaming-optimized USB webcams or even USB-enabled digital cameras like the Sony Digital Camera ZV-1 to deliver a clear, crisp shot that matches your game’s visual quality.

If you’re streaming from a glare-resistant, windowless room with no natural lighting to rely on, lighting would be another essential to consider. A budget-friendly selfie ring light would work, but you may also opt for a studio-standard key light for a more professional setup.

Audio gear

What’s a gamer stream without the hyped up banter? For your audio, the basics you will need would be a microphone and a headset. For a headset, you will want one that both immerses you in the gameplay and lets you monitor your mic’s audio output. There are many options available, and the features you would need to consider would be the sound quality, noise cancellation capabilities, its connectivity to prevent lags, and most importantly, comfortable pads that let you easily wear your headphones for hours on end.

For microphones, you can opt for a plug-and-play USB model. For a more professional setup, you may want a standard mic along with a compatible audio interface. For the best of both worlds, you can get a versatile, USB and XLR-enabled Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone.

Fiber internet

Finally, livestreaming would not be possible without a reliable, high-speed internet. A weak connection can make your broadcast laggy, or worse, suffer defeat. Gamers and streamers can find what they need with RED Fiber, which provides end-to-end 100% fiber connectivity at speeds of 50 to 400 Mbps – providing low latency for smooth, uninterrupted gaming. RED Fiber subscriptions go for as low as P1,549, offering an affordable connection that meets gaming standards. Plus, all new RED Fiber subscribers of plans 50 to 200 Mbps get to enjoy twice the speed of their subscribed plans until December 31, 2022!

Once you’ve collected your equipment, all you’d need is to set it up and have fun on the internet. When it comes to “tambahay” gaming, RED Fiber understands what gamers need – and a lucky subscriber just might win the gaming setup of their dreams with the Tambahay Gadgets Giveaway!

RED Fiber wants to encourage the Playful You, and they’re giving away gaming essentials to help you launch your streamer career! The Tambahay Gadgets Giveaway will let new subscribers get the chance to win a PlayStation 5, a Nintendo Switch, a Sony Digital Camera ZV-1, or a Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone. 

To qualify, all one would need to do is subscribe to an Internet Only or Dual Play RED Fiber plan online. New subscribers from August 1 to September 30, 2022 will get corresponding e-raffle entries based on their chosen plan.

Subscribe to RED Fiber now, and you just might be on your way to become the next streaming superstar! For the complete mechanics, visit the RED Fiber website at https://www.redfiber.com/csp?id=gadgetgiveaway. – Rappler.com

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