WATCH: The Home of the Gifted

Small business owners Kit and Gian Ley show us the importance of managing space and routine when it comes to raising gifted children at home

MANILA, Philippines — After a year under the current situation, many families have optimized their households for both remote work and learning. For entrepreneurial parents Kit and Gian Ley, that meant rearranging their space so that the kids could nurture their gifts at home.

As Keena (6 years old) and Primo (3 years old) settled into the repurposed spaces, their parents developed a unified daily routine that worked for all family members. In the morning, while Keena and Primo take virtual classes, Kit and Gian fulfill the day’s business orders. At the end of the day, the family comes together to play.

Assisted by her mother, Keena continues her love for dance via online lessons. As for Primo, who is well in his early years, Kit and Gian allow him to explore a range of physical activities so he may discover his gifts.

Watch the Ley family as they show us how they set up their home to nurture the gifts of their children.