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Katrina Evans, wife of Matt Evans, found guilty of estafa
Katrina Evans, wife of Matt Evans, found guilty of estafa

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Evans was arrested in 2019 after posing as a representative for TBA Studios and soliciting money on their behalf

MANILA, Philippines – Over two years after being arrested, Katrina Evans, wife of actor Matt Evans, was found guilty of estafa by the Makati City Metropolitan Trial Court. 

In a court decision signed by Judge Clemente M. Clemente on April 8, Evans was sentenced to imprisonment from six months to two years and ordered to pay the complainant Arran Lester P. Galvan P2 million.

“The entire ordeal has been disheartening, my intention to help someone bounce back turned out to be a bullet against me and I’ve become a victim myself,” Galvan said in a statement.

“Because of this, I would like to remind everyone and I hope others can pick up a lesson or two from my experience, to be vigilant with any agreement or business that you plan to enter. Be inquisitive with every detail, do a thorough background check even if the person is from a prominent clan. Be extra cautious if there’s money involved,” he said.

According to the court decision, in October 2017, Evans “willfully, unlawfully, and feloniously” defrauded Galvan by saying she was connected with the production company TBA Studios and successfully soliciting P2 million from him on their behalf for the production of the film Goyo, ang Batang Heneral.

At the time, TBA Studios released a statement saying they had more than enough resources to fund the film and “any representation in behalf of TBA Studios for the solicitation of ‘investments’ is unauthorized and void.”

Evans was arrested in December 2019 and was released after posting P30,000 bail. –