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Liza Soberano and 8 other Filipina celebrities who opened up about body-shaming

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Liza Soberano and 8 other Filipina celebrities who opened up about body-shaming
One star even admitted that self-doubt and depression had led her to not wanting to see herself on TV and even turning down roles

MANILA, Philippines – Celebrities are often met with public scrutiny. From the way they act to the way they look, they’re always subjected to unsolicited opinions from supporters and casuals alike. And worse, female stars, especially, receive more hate towards their bodies. 

Liza Soberano and 8 other Filipina celebrities who opened up about body-shaming

Liza Soberano, for example, recently opened up how her weight is her “number one insecurity.”

“I think that’s no secret all throughout my showbiz career; I would always get criticized for my weight fluctuating back and forth,” she told celebrity doctor Vicki Belo in a vlog. 

The actress went on about how being compared often to other girls her age and hearing negative comments about her body affected her mentally.

“The rumors about me being pregnant just because I would gain a little bit of weight, it would really affect my mental health,” she shared. 

Unfortunately, Liza isn’t the only celebrity who has undergone body-shaming. Thankfully, though, most of them have also had enough of these rude and disrespectful comments, and have fought back against this negativity.

Gabbi Garcia

In 2018, Gabbi slammed those who often wrote negative comments on her swimsuit photos by posting another picture of her in a one-piece.

“Whenever I post swimsuit photos, people would always bully me for my body. Well, guess what! Yes, I have no boobs, I’m flat chested , [and] I have my own fair share of stretch marks. And I don’t see anything wrong with it,” she said. 

Instead of being affected by these comments, the actress also emphasized that she is content with how she looks.

“If your definition of being ‘sexy’ doesn’t fit with my body type, well then sorry, but I love my body. And nobody deserves to be bullied just because of your body.”

Despite this, she was still met with comments about her physical looks. In a 2021 tweet, Gabbi wrote: “Can we all take a break from body-shaming?” 

Angel Locsin

Actress Angel Locsin is no stranger to receiving unsolicited comments about her figure. But instead of taking this feedback to heart, she said that she’d rather not deal with people who think highly of themselves. 

Kasi ako, wala akong problema. Bakit ikaw ang dami mong issue? Ako nga, walang issue, eh. Katawan ko ‘to, ako ‘to, sarili ko ‘to. Ikaw, okay ka ba?” she said about body-shamers in her interview on Tonight with Boy Abunda. 

(Me, I don’t have a problem [with my figure]. But why do they have a lot of issues with it? I’m okay with how I am and this is my body. Are the bashers okay?) 

Liza Soberano and 8 other Filipina celebrities who opened up about body-shaming

In a separate interview, Angel shared that these hateful comments don’t affect the way she views her body. 

Hindi ‘yon sukatan kung mababawasan yung pagmamahal ko para sa sarili ko. Buti nalang mahal ko ang sarili ko at nirerespeto ko ang sarili ko, kasi alam ko yung katawan na ito ay madaming pinagdaanan, maraming na-achieve din naman, at marami pa akong maa-achieve.” 

(Being shamed is not a reason for me to love myself less. It’s a good thing that I love and value and respect myself, because I know that my body has gone through a lot. And I also know that it has achieved a lot of things and will achieve a lot more.) 

Bea Alonzo

Having been in the spotlight for a long time, Bea admitted that she was once the type who would rather not post photos of herself in swimsuits since she would hate herself for “being ‘fat’ in other people’s eyes.” 

But the actress shared that she was able to unlearn that kind of mentality.

“I should get rid of all my insecurities so I can live more,” she said. “It’s the only body that I am blessed with and I am thankful for my health because I get to do the things that make me happy.” 

Bea also took the chance to leave an inspiring message to others who are also having a hard time dealing with their own insecurities: “I hope that this post could inspire other women to love themselves more, flaws and all. Let’s all work hard to better ourselves and not just so others could accept us.”

Catriona Gray

Even beauty queens can be victims of body-shaming, too. 

In July 2019, a Thai beauty queen called Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray fat. While the Filipina-Australian titleholder didn’t mention the issue, she talked about her experience of being body-shamed in a tweet. 

“Body-shaming is hurtful and [should] never be tolerated. If anyone reading this too has been body-shamed, I know how it feels. I’m sorry you’ve had to experience that. But [know] that you are more than your appearance. You are a capable, unique, and worthy person. And you are never alone,” she wrote. 

Catriona also responded to an online user who shared that they were a “fat girl” who had “trouble loving the way [she was.]”

She reminded said user that she was “more than her body.”

“You are so so much more than the exterior! And people will always remember how you made them feel and not how you looked,” Catrina said. 

Additionally, Catriona also came to the defense of Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu, who was also attacked for her weight gain. 

“Weight is not even a fraction of who we are,” Catriona said in an interview. “I really want to send the message that that sort of negativity does not deserve a space.”

She added, “As women, we are way more than our body image. We are persons with character, personality, and passion.” 

Pia Wurtzbach

Her fellow beauty queen, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach also echoed the sentiment, saying that women are “more than a number on a scale, a filter on Instagram, or the opinion of other people.”

Pia also shared that she sometimes hesitates to post pictures of herself since she’s been called “many names over the years.” But she said that she has learned to honor her body that has “carried [her] through life.” 

Jessy Mendiola 

Pata,” “baboy,” “taba,” (pig, fat) – these were some of the comments that Jessy said she had often received from bashers. 

“I felt really down and started losing my confidence. I loved myself then (big thighs, belly rolls, and round face) but when people started pointing out my flaws, I started hating myself, at times even thinking I was a bad person for having ‘thunder thighs,'” the actress said. 

Her self-doubt and depression led her to not wanting to see herself on TV and even turning down roles. 

Thankfully, though, Jessy said that she realized that she couldn’t let the bashers get the best of her. 

“When I decided to shift perspective, everything started falling into place. I may not be the sexiest for others, but I am sexy and beautiful for myself; that alone is enough,” she said in a 2018 Instagram post. 

Kris Bernal

Aside from being attacked for how skinny she was, Kris said that some even claim that she has an eating disorder. And every time, the actress never shies away from reprimanding these bashers. 

“Waking up every day to people commenting on my body wasn’t easy at all. Thankfully, I am pretty headstrong and kept channeling all this negativity into my work. I would look myself in the mirror, smile, and say, ‘Always choose kindness. You are beautiful,’” she said in a 2020 Instagram post. 

Kris stressed that body shaming should not be tolerated and these bashers should be educated on what is right. 

In a 2021 post, she also left a message to her body-shamers: “This is the body I live in and it deserves respect. My body is not yours to critique and discuss. My body is not for your consumption. My body is my home. “

Moira dela Torre

While most of these negative comments mainly stay online, there are dire instances when celebrities hear these remarks in person. 

In 2019, a heckler in the audience shouted rude comments at Moira dela Torre while she was performing. According to the singer, the guy shouted, “Ang taba mo, laki mo Moira, panget, taba (You’re fat, Moira; you’re so huge, ugly, and fat.)” 

Instead of berating the heckler, Moira chose to stay positive and educate said guy instead. 

“Women are beautiful whatever size and may I be the last person you disrespect like that,” she said.  “May you learn to love yourself enough that you won’t need to bring people down just to feel ‘funny’ or important.” 


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