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Lovi Poe: ‘Time to work with the best of the best in ABS-CBN’

Ysa Abad
Lovi Poe: ‘Time to work with the best of the best in ABS-CBN’

KAPAMILYA. Actress Lovi Poe opens up about her network transfer to ABS-CBN.

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Lovi Poe also says that 'it wasn't an easy decision' to leave GMA

As a Kapamilya, actress Lovi Poe is looking forward to working with the “best of the best in ABS-CBN” and making new friends. 

“It felt like it wasn’t real. It felt like such a dream,” Lovi said in an online press conference on Thursday, September 17, after she inked an official contract with ABS-CBN. 

She admitted feeling nervous, but added that it’s overpowered by her excitement. “I just feel like it’s time to work with the best of the best in ABS-CBN. I’m really looking forward to working with amazing actors, amazing directors, and just everyone. Most importantly, I’m excited to make new friends,” she said. 

Aside from working on the Philippine adaptation of the K-drama Flower of Evil with Piolo Pascual, Lovi teased about her other projects as a Kapamilya. “There’s so much more to come, there’s so many projects to do. I’m also looking forward to doing movies and making music,” she said. 

‘It was tough’

While she’s hopeful for her new start in ABS-CBN, Lovi emphasized that she’s still “very much grateful” to GMA, her network for 15 years. 

“It wasn’t an easy decision. It was one of the toughest things I ever had to do. I’ve been with GMA for 15 years and for that 15 years, they took care of me, they’ve been good to me. I have nothing but good words and respect for them. It was tough,” she said. 

Lovi added that she’ll “miss everything” about GMA. “My routine, the people I’ve worked with, my friends. Everyone’s become a friend – the bosses, the staff, the crew. I’ll always be grateful to them and I won’t be here without them. These people have been good and nice to me and I believe they’re also happy for me.” 

When asked about what made her move to ABS-CBN, Lovi clarified that there she has no complaints about her previous network. “I feel like we’ve gotten to a point where we want to step out of our comfort zone. You just wanna experience and take up new adventures in life. It’s not because you have to compare certain projects or certain treatments. I just made the decision for myself,” she said. 

Lovi added that she’s “focusing on the good things” and not minding the negative reactions of some fans. “I’m here to celebrate my new home and my new family.” 

She said, “I’m just really blessed that a lot of people actually believe in me. I’m just glad that they welcomed me with open arms. I’m just looking forward to great things.”  –