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Seo Ye-ji issues formal apology over controversy with ex-boyfriend Kim Jung-hyun

Seo Ye-ji issues formal apology over controversy with ex-boyfriend Kim Jung-hyun

SEO YE-JI. The South Korean actress has addressed her controversy involving ex-boyfriend Kim Jung-hyun.


'All of this stemmed from my immaturity,' says the South Korean actress

MANILA, Philippines – Almost a year after being embroiled in a scandal involving her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung-hyun, South Korean actress Seo Ye-ji has broken her silence and issued a formal apology on Sunday, February 27. 

The actress first drew flak in April 2021 when outlet Dispatch published a report alleging that way back in 2018, Ye-ji had ordered her then-boyfriend Jung-hyun to get the script of his drama Time to be modified to remove scenes involving romance. 

The Dispatch report included text messages that claimed to be between the celebrity couple wherein Ye-ji was prohibiting Jung-hyun to make “skinship” or physical contact with anyone, especially with his drama co-star, Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun. It also claimed that a total of 13 scenes were changed in the series. 

At that time, Jung-hyun was heavily criticized by the press for his “dull behavior” during the conference. But following the Dispatch report, netizens started attacking Ye-ji for her “manipulative and controlling behavior.” 

The actress’ agency, Gold Medalist, immediately responded to the controversy to debunk all allegations. Ye-ji, however, did not say anything at that time and has since kept a low profile in the industry, even withdrawing from her drama Island. 

According to a Soompi report on Sunday, the actress finally addressed the controversy by issuing a statement, over 10 months after the Dispatch report was first published. 

“First, I sincerely apologize for the fact that I’m conveying my feelings so late through these written words. Seeing all of the reproach and the many things that have been said about me, I have been taking time to reflect on myself up until now,” she was quoted as saying.

She then apologized for “making many people uncomfortable due to [her] shortcomings” and disappointing her supporters. 

“All of this stemmed from my immaturity, and I will work hard to behave more carefully in the future and show you a more mature version of myself,” Ye-ji said. 

Ye-ji, 31, who rose to fame for series It’s Okay to Not Be Okay and Lawless Lawyer, is set to make her K-drama comeback with Eve, which is set for a 2022 release. 

Jung-hyun, meanwhile, wrote a handwritten apology letter to his co-star and the staff of Time to address his behavior in the drama. In September 2021, he opened up about how the controversy forced him to take a hiatus. In January 2022, the 31-year-old actor was cast in the independent fim Se²cret. Rappler.com