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LISTEN: syd hartha’s stripped-down love song, ‘kung nag-aatubili’

LISTEN: syd hartha’s stripped-down love song, ‘kung nag-aatubili’

SYD HARTHA. The singer releases a new single.

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The song is part of syd's upcoming 5-track EP

Syd hartha sings about love and hesitation in her latest single, “kung nag-aatubili,” released on Thursday, October 28.

The song is part of her upcoming 5-track EP to be released in the first quarter of 2022.

The track’s stripped-down instrumentation turns the spotlight on the song’s message – written out of her own attitude towards romance and intimacy, which carries the weight of trauma from her younger years.

“I wrote this song a long time ago when I realized that I was starting to like someone, and I was already starting to let that person in my world, little by little,” she said.

“Back then it just didn’t feel right, and I feared the idea of getting to know me deeply and everything I’ve become. Looking at it in the present, I figured that these feelings are a by-product of the inner wounds, and my inability to move forward from the things that happened in the past. This also serves as an important lesson to me, that when I decide to commit to love someone, I should love them for who they are now, and accept them for what they’ve been through,” she said.

An accompanying music video is set to be released soon, with a visual treatment conceptualized by syd.

“For this music video, Swimming Pictures helped me execute my own ideas and it was amazing working with them,” she said.

Listen to “kung nag-aatubili” here: