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Inside the Industry x Kumu: Co-working spaces in La Union with The Attic Room

Co-working space co-founder Louise Fortinez shares how she brought new business and productivity to La Union with The Attic Room

Remote work has been the norm for the past year, but some professionals have taken the term to the next level. For “digital nomads” Louise Fortinez and Radha Atianzar, what began as a beach vacation in San Juan, La Union turned into a residency, and then, a business opportunity.

In late 2020, they opened The Attic Room, a beachfront co-working space for remote professionals to work and play. Located at the top of The Great Northwest Travel Stop, a hub for local staples like El Union Coffee, the space boasts a 100 mbps WiFi connection, as well as transportation and lodging services to safely situate newcomers.

In the wake of Severe Tropical Storm Maring, The Attic Room has provided some shelter and connectivity, as well as assisted with donations for the Philippine Coast Guard’s relief efforts.

In this episode, Louise Fortinez, co-founder of The Attic Room, shares how she brought new business and a passionate working community to the once tourism-dependent surf town of San Juan, La Union.

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