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Inside the Industry: Independent film and streaming ‘Lingua Franca’

Inside the Industry: Independent film and streaming ‘Lingua Franca’
Lingua Franca comes to soon-to-be-launched streaming platform Cinema '76 @Home starting November 20

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Months after making a huge splash on Netflix US, starting November 20, director Isabel Sandoval’s acclaimed film Lingua Franca will be available for the Philippine audience via TBA Studios’ new streaming platform, Cinema ’76 @Home.

Isabel Sandoval also stars as ‘Lingua Franca” protagonist Olivia. Still courtesy of Cinema ’76

From premiering at the 2019 Venice Film Festival to being praised on Twitter by Elijah Wood, Lingua Franca is undoubtedly making waves abroad. However, it took Cebu-born director and actress Isabel Sandoval a long and winding journey to get to this point.

The self-taught filmmaker graduated with a degree in Psychology, then an MBA in marketing, before finally taking the leap into her true passion. She made Filipino feature films, Señorita (2011) and Aparisyon (2012), before moving to New York.

When people tell us that telling our own stories in our own way is not going to fly in Hollywood, my own experience proves otherwise.

Isabel Sandoval, director and star of ‘Lingua Franca’

Based on her own musings following the 2016 US election, Lingua Franca is a personal piece about an undocumented Filipina trans caregiver in Brooklyn.

Isabel shares with us what it was like to bridge Filipino and American experiences and craft a story that is truly telling of the times.

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