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Golden Oreo cookies now available in PH stores
These vanilla-flavored golden Oreo sandwiches with the same creme center are here to stay

GOLDEN OREO. The limited edition Oreo cookie flavor is available in leading supermarkets nationwide. Photo courtesy of Mondelez Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – The Golden Oreo – those yellow cookie sandwiches with Oreo’s distinct creme center – are now available in the Philippines at several convenience stores (7/11, Ministop) and leading supermarkets nationwide.

You might have already spotted them occasionally in select groceries around Metro Manila, or have hoarded a fair share from trips abroad – but now you won’t need to, as they’re here to stay commercially, from Mondelez Philippines.

Photo courtesy of Mondelez Philippines

This Oreo flavor ditches the famous cookie’s signature black, chocolate cookie – instead, it features a golden, vanilla-flavored kind, sandwiching Oreo’s white creme filling. 

Its suggested retail price is P41.50 for the 133g size, and P76.50 for the 9-piece multi-pack. –