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Born to rule? The zodiac signs of the 2022 presidential candidates


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Born to rule? The zodiac signs of the 2022 presidential candidates

Manny Pacquiao, Bongbong Marcos, Isko Moreno, Panfilo Lacson

Rappler’s resident astrologer decodes the birth charts of major contenders in the upcoming 2022 elections

What can a birth chart tell us about someone’s ability to lead a country? The Sun sign will show the nature of the ego, the core identity, and life purpose. The personal planets – Mars, Mercury, Venus, and the Moon – will flesh out an individual’s social character, revealing how they move in the world. That includes the style of relating (Venus) and communicating (Mercury); physical impulse and drive (Mars); and emotional nature (the Moon). Jupiter and Saturn, which move slower and are called the transpersonal planets, can pinpoint one’s values as part of a generation or a larger collective within society.

Here we take a glimpse into the astrological placements of the candidates vying for the Philippine presidency in 2022:  

Leody de Guzman

Birthday: July 25, 1959

It takes a fire sign – in this case, a Sun in Leo – to be as passionate about their beliefs as this pro-labor presidential aspirant. Leos are known for their confidence, helping them thrive in leadership roles. De Guzman’s Sun is joined in Leo by the planet of intellect and communication. Mercury in Leo produces grand orators; it shines best when speaking to large, captive audiences (think Barack Obama, who shares this placement). However, De Guzman’s Mercury is hit by a harsh ray from Jupiter in Scorpio. Though Jupiter, called the Great Benefic, is known to give blessings, harsh contacts from it often bring too much of a good thing. Mercury-Jupiter individuals are optimistic, warm, and kind with their words, but must be careful not to exaggerate or promise more than they can deliver, despite their good intentions.

Ping Lacson

Birthday: June 1, 1948

Though born with the Sun in the intelligent, socially nimble sign of Gemini, the longtime senator’s birth chart reveals a softer side. It features a conjunction (that’s two planets close together) of Venus and Mercury in the tender sign of Cancer. Artistic sensibility (Venus) merges with communication skills (Mercury): a talent for writing and speaking beautifully is a common manifestation. In Cancer, the native is empathetic and sentimental, and motivated by love (another Venusian theme) for home and family. Lacson’s Sun in Gemini is amplified by a tense square from Mars in Virgo, indicating a clash between ego and temper. The hypermasculine Sun-Mars combination is often seen in charts of people in the military or in athletics; it bestows immense physical energy, courage, and competitiveness. But if poorly channeled, Sun-Mars can also manifest as anger issues or agitation.

Bongbong Marcos

Birthday: September 13, 1957

Careful and pragmatic easily describes Marcos Jr., who was born with a trio of planets – the Sun, Mars and Mercury – in the reserved sign of Virgo. Mars and Mercury together in a chart make for finely-honed communication and brutal honesty; in Virgo, this power is used for practical purposes, and with pointed precision. High intelligence is the mark of Virgos, but they often bear this with humility and subtlety. Marcos’ Mercury, though strongly placed in its home sign, receives a tough square from Saturn in Sagittarius. This can point to a tendency to be overly cautious or conservative. At best, Mercury-Saturn can produce organized and strategic thinkers; at worst, it can point to close-mindedness and cynicism. With Saturn ruling fathers and authority figures, this challenging aspect can also point to struggles with parental criticism.

Isko Moreno

Birthday: October 24, 1974

Born with several planets in Libra, the sign of social popularity, it’s no surprise that Moreno has a sterling career in both politics and show business. The Manila mayor could be either a Scorpio Sun (if born in the afternoon or evening) or a Libra Sun (if born in the morning). His chart features a strong Venus in Libra, bestowing grace and fine manners; it is in harmonious contact with the Moon in Aquarius, further boosting charm and charisma. But there’s an edge to his relating style, with Mars also in close conjunction to Venus. Mars in Libra is best described as an iron fist in a velvet glove. Mars’ fire is suppressed as it seeks to maintain social bonds; often, anger and willpower are expressed passive-aggressively. 

Manny Pacquiao

Birthday: December 17, 1978

The champion boxer was born with the Sun in spirited, optimistic Sagittarius. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarians seek higher enlightenment, and are naturally drawn to religion, politics, and philosophy. Pacquiao likewise has Mercury in Sagittarius, but the planet of communication is not quite comfortable here. Sagittarius is considered the sign of Mercury’s detriment, and this placement can indicate an individual who struggles with rationality, facts, and details – things governed by Mercury. Instead, there’s a preference for storytelling, and a tendency to see the whole forest rather than the trees. Pacquiao’s Mars is powerfully placed in Capricorn, showing a fighter through and through. Mars in this ambitious earth sign grants tremendous perseverance, and the ability to grind hard for long periods of time to achieve a goal.

Leni Robredo

Born April 23, 1965

The only woman in the 2022 presidential race is a tenacious, down-to-earth Taurus Sun. Tauruses are famous for their stubbornness, but it’s a by-product of their immense staying power. This endurance, combined with Mars in similar earth sign Virgo, points to a knack for practical solutions and making them a reality. Robredo’s Mars in Virgo is efficient, thorough, and excellent with detail; however, it receives a challenging opposition from Saturn in Pisces. This polarity often manifests as frustration, as Mars often finds itself blocked by Saturn, which brings hardship and obstacles. At best, a Mars-Saturn aspect in a chart can grant superhuman patience and mental toughness; at worst, it can manifest as feelings of defeat and inadequateness. –

Gigi is a certified consulting astrologer focusing on traditional Western techniques. She has been reading birth charts since 2014, and does private consultations over Zoom and Skype. Find her at

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