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These cream cheese-filled pandesal come in 7 flavors

Steph Arnaldo
These cream cheese-filled pandesal come in 7 flavors

Love Bites

This home bakery's soft buns are filled with savory cream cheese and come in flavors like garlic, alcapone, pork floss, snow milky, and milky ube

Combine cream cheese with soft pandesal and a variety of sweet and savory toppings and you get local business Love Bites’ best-selling treat: cream cheese bread in seven flavors.

The home-based bakery makes these savory-sweet buns from scratch, fresh every day. Soft, chewy, and dense pandesal is generously stuffed with a savory cream cheese filling, making for a satisfying and filling merienda or breakfast, great paired with coffee.

Among Love Bites’ flavors is the simple but tasty Garlic variant, which features cream cheese mixed with fresh garlic inside. The buttery, slightly sweet bun is coated in crisp bread crumbs. It costs P500 for a dozen and P270 for a box of six.

If you’re a fan of the popular alcapone donut flavor, try out the Alcapone, topped with crunchy almond slivers. It costs P430 for six pieces.

Other savory flavors include pork floss and spicy pork tapa flakes, which cost P430 and P480 for a box of six pieces, respectively.

If you’re looking for a hint of sweetness, the Cinnamon flavor is a good choice; the bun is coated with a mild cinnamon spice spread. It costs P400 for a dozen. For something sweeter, try out the Snow Milky flavor – a play on the trendy milky donut – covered in sweet milk powder. If you enjoy ube, there’s the Milky Ube flavor, which has ube halaya in the filling. A box of six Milky Ube buns costs P360, while the Snow Milky box costs P400.

You can also opt for an assorted box of six flavors. The Cinnamon and Snow Milky flavors cost P50 a piece, the Milky Ube P60 a piece, and the Alcapone and Pork Floss P72 a piece.

Love Bites is based in Maypajo, South Caloocan City. They accept orders via Instagram every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. –

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