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LIST: Where to get egg drop sandwiches for delivery

Steph Arnaldo
LIST: Where to get egg drop sandwiches for delivery

Egg Drop MNL, Smash Buns, Sunny Side Manila

Been wanting to try this popular South Korean snack? Here are local businesses that serve their takes on the filling sandwich.

It’s likely you’ve seen this whopping sandwich on your Instagram feeds or on one of your favorite K-dramas (most notably, Hospital Playlist). Either way, the Korean egg drop sandwich is worth trying out, especially if you love breakfast sandwiches and eggs.

The popular South Korean snack has inspired local food businesses to create their own versions, using a variety of sauces, meats, and toppings. A basic egg drop sandwich usually consists of brioche toast, bacon, cheese, a creamy, sweet, mayo-based “egg drop sauce,” and either a runny sunny-side-up egg, or fluffy scrambled eggs. Some add sriracha to the mix, as well as other breakfast staples like meats and fresh veggies.

Here’s where you can get these aesthetically-pleasing egg drop sandwiches for delivery nationwide!

Egg Drop MNL

Local business Egg Drop MNL offers nine flavors of their homemade egg drop sandwich – huge, filling, and flavorful, and packed with the works. Their bang-for-your-buck sandwiches include soft, thick, buttery brioche bread that’s slightly sweet, your choice of egg (scrambled, sunny-side-up, or boiled), a slice of cheese, and their signature savory-sweet sauce.

It may be a mouthful to eat, but the end result is satisfying: you get sweet, savory, and sometimes spicy flavors in one bite, as well as varying textures.

They have the Breakfast SPAM and Egg (P115) flavor, made with slices of luncheon meat, fluffy egg, and cheese, and the classic but tasty Garlic Bacon Cheese (P100), made with crisp strips of bacon, egg, cheese, and garlic brioche bread. For more of the bacon and cheese, they also offer the Double Bacon Cheese (P115). If you prefer thin slices of ham, they have the Ham and Cheese (P110).

Want something a bit more unconventional? Egg Drop MNL offers a Beef Bulgogi (P135), stuffed with 100% soft beef strips in a sweet-savory bulgogi sauce with egg and cheese. A similar option is the Japanese-inspired, sweet Beef Teriyaki (P135), also made with 100% pure beef strips.

If you’re craving for some heat, go all out with Egg Drop MNL’s Hungover Sandwich (P150), inspired by Harley Quinn’s street sandwich in Birds of Prey. The hefty sammie features gourmet ham, bacon, cheddar cheese, a runny sunny-side-up egg, and sriracha mayo sauce.

For something lighter, try the Grilled Chicken Pesto (P150), which includes fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onion, cheese, and grilled chicken breast with a refreshing pesto sauce, or the Crispy Fish Fillet (P150), which features a sizable breaded fish fillet (ala fish and chips), lettuce, tomatoes, onion, cheddar cheese, and a tangy ranch dressing.

Egg Drop MNLis based in Gerardo Tuazon, Sampaloc, Manila. You can place your orders via Instagram.

Sunny Side Manila

Sunny Side Manila serves the Korean-inspired egg drop sandwich in five flavors: Ham-Egg (P149), Bacon-Egg (P159), Garlic-Bacon-Egg (P179), Spam-Egg (P179), and Beef Bulgogi (P189). Each buttery brioche bun sandwich is drizzled with their special egg drop sauce.

Sunny Side Manila is based in New Manila, near the Greenhills area. You can order via their Instagram page.


Momo’s Korean egg drop sandwich menu consists of four flavors, named after South Korea’s popular cities. Each sandwich includes their special “Momo egg” and “Momo sauce.”

Momo’s Gwangju (P160) sandwich includes premium bacon and corn; the Busan (P160) with tuna and tomato; Jeju (P170) with premium ham and avocado; and the Seoul (P180) variant has SPAM, mango, and nori.

Momo is located along Granada Street corner Santolan, Quezon City. Customers can order via Instagram.

Smash Buns

Aside from coffee and brioche burgers, Smash Buns also serves homemade egg drop sandwiches in eight flavors. 

They have the Mr. Ham Cheese (P110), Double SPAM Cheese (P120), Mr. Bacon Cheese (P120), Avocado Ham Cheese (P120), Mr. Cheese Burger (P120), Beef Bulgogi Sunny (P135), Mrs. Tuna Pesto Cheese (P135), and Yangneom Chicken (P150), inspired by Korea’s sweet-sour-spicy fried chicken.

Smash Buns is based in NS Amoranto Senior Street in Quezon City. They accept orders via foodpanda or Instagram.

CP Brews

Cavite-based café CP Brews has recently added the trending sandwich to their simple menu of pasta, sandwiches, cold brew, and shakes. Currently, they have six flavors available: Beef Teriyaki (P120), SPAM (P135), Chicken Pesto (P135), Egg and Cheese (P85), Ham, Egg and Cheese (P100), and Bacon, Egg and Cheese (P120).

CP Brews is located in Bacoor, Cavite. They accept bulk orders on a pre-order basis. You can message their Instagram page for orders.

Tamago Drop

Tamago Drop sells their own take on the packed, mouthwatering sandwich in six interesting flavors – they have the Double Sweet Glazed Ham (P100), Double Bacon (P110) and Ham and Bacon (P120), with the not-so-common flavors including Ham Bacon Hashbrown (P135), Samgyupsal with Cheese Sauce (P130), and Korean SPAM with Nori (P130).

Tamago Drop is located along P. Guevarra Street, Sampaloc, Manila. They take orders through Instagram.

Nineteen Degrees

The milk tea and sandwich café serves the Korean snack in six flavors: Egg & Cheese (P110), Ham & Cheese (P120), Cheesy Tuna (P120), Pork Floss & Egg (P120), Ham & Corn (P120), and Crunchy Chicken (P130). Customers can choose their kind of egg – either scrambled, sunny-side-up, or boiled – and opt for extra toppings for an additional price.

Nineteen Degrees also sells Korean scallion pancakes in different flavors. They’re located in Eastwood Citywalk, Quezon City and accept pick-up and delivery orders via GrabFood, foodpanda, or Instagram from 10 am to 9 pm daily.

Egg & Go

Egg & Go’s egg drop sandwiches consist of the usual works – fluffy brioche bread, scrambled egg, cheese, and their signature mayonnaise – available in five unique flavors.

The Smoked Bacon (P119) mixes sriracha with bacon; the Yakisoba (P119) includes yakisoba noodles, assorted veggies, pork belly, nori, pickled ginger, and tomato ketchup; the Kimchi (P139) has herbed pork belly and special kimchi; the Shrimp (P129) has buttered shrimp and cajun sauce; and the Beef Teriyaki (P139) features sweet beef, boiled egg, sriracha, and lettuce.

Egg & Go is located along Asturias Street in Sampaloc, Manila. They’re open daily from 11 am to 7 pm and are taking orders via Instagram.


Baguio-based food truck Yolk serves the classic Korean sandwich with brioche bread, scrambled eggs, cheese, and a sriracha aioli.

They have the classic Gibon (P75), one with ham called Dwaeji (P85), and the Jagpum (P95) with lettuce and tomatoes.

Yolk is usually stationed at Burnham Park, but travels to other locations around Baguio City occasionally. They are also opening their first out-of-town branch in La Union. Customers can place pick-up and delivery orders via GrabFood, DeliRush, or Facebook. – Rappler.com

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