2022 Philippine Elections

LIST: Who is running in Masbate in the 2022 Philippine elections?

LIST: Who is running in Masbate in the 2022 Philippine elections?
They are running in 3 congressional districts, 1 city, and 20 municipalities

Political aspirants in 81 provinces filed their certificates of candidacies October 1-8.

In Masbate, they are running in 3 congressional districts, 1 city, and 20 municipalities.

Who will be running for elective positions in Masbate in the coming May 2022 polls?

This page has been updated to reflect the Commission on Elections’ tentative list “based on the initial evaluation of the Certificates of Nomination, Certificates of Candidacy and Certificates of Nomination and Acceptance.” 

The Comelec says “the contents of the list…are subject to change as a result of any further evaluation or resolution” of the commission en banc.

Bookmark this page for the final list once the poll body makes it available.

For Governor

  • Narciso “Bong” Bravo Jr. (National Unity Party or NUP) 
  • Antonio “Tony” Kho (PDP-Laban)

For Vice Governor

  • Elisa “Olga” Kho (PDP-Laban) 
  • Jesi Howard “Atty. R” Lanete (NUP)

For Board Member

First District
  • Alfredo Alim Jr. (PDP-Laban)
  • Emilio Marc “Bok” Barsaga (NUP)
  • Sotero “Nonong” Cantela (PDP-Laban) 
  • Elias Mahinay (NUP)
Second District
  • Rey Noel “Tata Nono” Amante (PDP-Laban)
  • Allan Cos (PDP-Laban)
  • Teddy “Tata” Danao Jr. (PDP-Laban)
  • Kristoffer “Kris” Espinosa (PDP-Laban)
  • Sherman Valera (NUP)
Third District
  • Nilda “Nene” Aguilar-Tinegra (PDP-Laban) 
  • Rudy Alvarez Jr. (PDP-Laban)
  • Hamilcar “Boy” Arregadas (Independent)
  • Albert Vincent Chu (Nationalist People’s Coalition or NPC)
  • George “Bong” Gonzales Jr. (PDP-Laban)
  • Allan Lepasana (PDP-Laban)

For congressional representatives

First District
  • Maria Vida “Marvi” Bravo (NUP) 
  • Ricardo “Richard” Kho (PDP-Laban)
Second District
  • Olga “Ara” Kho (PDP-Laban)
  • Scott Davies “S“ Lanete (NUP)
Third District
  • Wilton “Tonton” Kho (PDP-Laban) 
  • Rizalina “Dayan” Lanete (NPC)

City and municipalities


For Mayor
  • William Tulagan Jr. (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  • Arturo Virtucio (PDP-Laban)
For Vice Mayor
  • Valentin Alonzo (PDP-Laban)
  • Adrian Kim Tabora (Aksyon Demokratiko)
For councilors
  • Lito Briones (PDP-Laban)
  • Vicente Cioco (PDP-Laban)
  • Carl “Porontong” Corpus (Independent) 
  • Rolando “Oly” Dizon (Independent)
  • Jovimel Jaquilmo (PDP-Laban)
  • Rudy Rañola (PDP-Laban)
  • Archimedes “Aking” Suguitao (PDP-Laban) 
  • Julius “Boy” Tuason (PDP-Laban) 
  • Susan Valera (PDP-Laban)
  • Rino “Pepong” Velasco (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas) 
  • Arturo Virtucio II (PDP-Laban)


For Mayor
  • Charmie Bello (National Unity Party)
  • Marites dela Rosa (PDP-Laban)
  • Ramil dela Rosa (Independent)
For Vice Mayor
  • Romeo dela Rosa (PDP-Laban)
  • Blessy Moreno (National Unity Party)
For councilors
  • Danilo Barbudo (PDP-Laban)
  • Noel Cabug (PDP-Laban)
  • Ricardo “Ric” Cabug (National Unity Party) 
  • Romeo Cabug (PDP-Laban)
  • Rommarie “Melkie” dela Rosa (PDP-Laban) 
  • Julie Diaz (PDP-Laban)
  • Lotis Espinosa (National Unity Party)
  • Andrea Joson (National Unity Party)
  • Joventino Laurio Jr. (National Unity Party)
  • Mary Rose “Sweet” Laurio (PDP-Laban) 
  • Jorge Licup IV (PDP-Laban)
  • Irene “Baby Irene” Longasa (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • Armin Morado (National Unity Party)
  • Maria Teresa Reniva (National Unity Party)
  • Reynald Rey (PDP-Laban)
  • Clint Salivio (Independent)
  • Wendell Ulanday (National Unity Party)


For Mayor
  • Rodolfo Estrella Jr. (PDP-Laban)
  • Marilie “Leilim” Gacutan (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas) 
For Vice Mayor
  • Felimon Abelita III (PDP-Laban)
  • Ruben Jude “RJ” Lim (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas) 
For councilors
  • Gina Alajar (PDP-Laban)
  • Fortunato Alcagno (PDP-Laban)
  • Melissa Aninang (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • Julius “Butch” Arguelles (PDP-Laban) 
  • Clemente “Jojo” Arguelles III (PDP-Laban) 
  • Michael Ariola (PDP-Laban)
  • Real “Nonoy” Bajande (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • Neil “Sir Neil” Dalanon (Independent)
  • Aimee dela Cruz (PDP-Laban)
  • Roque “Rokie” dela Cruz (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • Salvador Delfin Jr. (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • Ramon Descalzo Jr. (Independent)
  • Aldrin Macuha (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • Jinky “Nene” Nuevo (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas) 
  • Ralph Sese (PDP-Laban)
  • Serafin Sese Jr. (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • Rey Sto. Domingo (PDP-Laban)
  • Paulito Tacurda (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)


For Mayor
  • Marco Martin Cam (PDP-Laban)
  • Charmax “Macmac” Yuson (National Unity Party) 
For Vice Mayor
  • Paolo “Paopao” Cam (PDP-Laban) 
  • Lalaine Yuson (National Unity Party)
  • Unah “Lalen” Yuson (Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino) 
For councilors
  • Gregorio “Goying” Albiola III (National Unity Party)
  • Severino Alforte III (PDP-Laban)
  • Jerry Argote (Independent)
  • Agnes Badillo (Independent)
  • Esteban Ballesteros (PDP-Laban)
  • Roy Basas (Independent)
  • Gilbert Bocboc (PDP-Laban)
  • Alex Bolante (Independent)
  • Nelson Cambaya (PDP-Laban)
  • Lino Cañares Jr. (PDP-Laban)
  • Gerlie Joy Cañezal (PDP-Laban)
  • Remegio Cebu Jr. (PDP-Laban)
  • Celyn Lachica (National Unity Party)
  • Sucite “Jan-Jan” Laureano (National Unity Party) 
  • Marlon Lim (Independent)
  • Sharon Luzong (Independent)
  • Junie “Junjun” Martinez (National Unity Party) 
  • Virgilio “Cocoy” Masdo Jr. (National Unity Party)
  • Peddie Mesinas (Independent)
  • Jason “Putong” Nava (National Unity Party) 
  • Charlie “Boyet” Yuson II (National Unity Party)
  • Emil “Kano” Yuson (National Unity Party) 
  • Francisco “Paquito” Yuson (PDP-Laban)


For Mayor
  • Rose Jean Arsenio (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
  • Felipe Cabataña (PDP-Laban)
  • Ricardo “Ric” Yanson (Independent)
For Vice Mayor
  • Thelma Ong (PDP-Laban)
  • Jaime Barte (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
For councilors
  • Romulo “Mulo” Acuesta (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
  • Shara Adoptante (Independent)
  • Wilson “Sonson” Ang (PDP-Laban) 
  • Jane Badillo (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
  • Cesario “Jun” Bulanon Jr. (PDP-Laban) 
  • Philip “Sonnyboy” Cabataña (PDP-Laban) 
  • Celestino Compuesto (PDP-Laban)
  • Flaviano “Pabing” Dadula (Independent) 
  • Gabrielle Dela Peña (Independent)
  • Vincent Fernandez (Independent)
  • Anatolio Francisco (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
  • Carlos Gelig (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
  • George “Inso” Gonzales (PDP-Laban) 
  • Hilary “Lary” Gonzales (PDP-Laban) 
  • Princess Marie Mapula (Independent)
  • Roberto Ponpon (PDP-Laban)
  • Titus Ramizo (PDP-Laban)
  • Ariel “Aying” Rejuso (Independent) 
  • Gresilda “Grace” Talisic (Independent) 


For Mayor
  • Edgar Condor (PDP-Laban)
  • Noel Mujires (Independent)
For Vice Mayor
  • Ester Binsol (PDP-Laban)
For councilors
  • Relan “Oying” Abinuman (PDP-Laban) 
  • Victoria Ando (PDP-Laban)
  • Elias Andrade (Independent)
  • Arnold “Anoy” Cortes (PDP-Laban) 
  • Jacinta Flores (PDP-Laban)
  • Albino “Jun” Goopio (PDP-Laban) 
  • Renato Montecalvo (PDP-Laban)
  • Daniel Olmilla (PDP-Laban)
  • Pol Yocte (PDP-Laban)


For Mayor
  • Froilan “Froy” Andueza (PDP-Laban) 
For Vice Mayor
  • Vicente “Enteng” Sabaulan (PDP-Laban) 
For councilors
  • Oscar Albao (PDP-Laban)
  • Mark Andueza (National Unity Party)
  • Karen Ballesteros (PDP-Laban)
  • Narcisa Bentor (PDP-Laban)
  • Clint del Rosario (PDP-Laban)
  • Von del Rosario (National Unity Party)
  • Arrjay Desamparado (PDP-Laban)
  • Gladys Mahinay (PDP-Laban)
  • Alfredo Mandal (PDP-Laban)
  • Paulino Sandigan (PDP-Laban)
  • Eddie “Boboy” Villar (National Unity Party) 
  • Diana Yap (National Unity Party)


For Mayor
  • Diofilan “Pilan” Babas (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
  • Michael “Mac-Mac” Naga (PDP-Laban) 
  • Ruel Ramboy Ramirez (Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma)
For Vice Mayor
  • Manuel Jores (Independent)
  • Wilfredo “Dok Fred” Lim (PDP-Laban) 
For councilors
  • Vergie Abaño (PDP-Laban)
  • Katherine “Kathy” Abila (PDP-Laban) 
  • Princetom Amatos (PDP-Laban)
  • Jose Atabay (Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma)
  • Wenefredo Belarmino Jr. (Independent)
  • Florante Bulalaque (PDP-Laban)
  • Anna Kareninna “Inah” Cabrera-Naga (PDP-Laban) 
  • Eddylil de Lara (Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma)
  • Edwin Herrera (Independent))
  • Larry Lee (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • Richard Lee (Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma)
  • Isagani “Gani” Lim (Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma) 
  • Joyce Lim (PDP-Laban)
  • Rommil Mijares (PDP-Laban)
  • Revie Moran (Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma)
  • Marites “Tess” Naga (PDP-Laban) 
  • Ramil Probadora (Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma)
  • Henry Tamayo (Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma)


For Mayor
  • Ma Tita “Tit” Endrina (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
  • Fernando Talisic (PDP-Laban)
For Vice Mayor
  • Rodolfo “Rudy” Pepito (PDP-Laban) 
For councilors
  • Bernadette Camon (PDP-Laban)
  • Michael Comedia Sr. (PDP-Laban)
  • Cicero Conag (PDP-Laban)
  • Raymond “Amon” Diamos (PDP-Laban) 
  • Robert Guiz (PDP-Laban)
  • Aldrin Jao (PDP-Laban)
  • Alicia Layon (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
  • Aspher Pepito (PDP-Laban)
  • Felix “Undo” Ponce Jr. (PDP-Laban) 
  • Ronald Sontosidad (Independent)


For Mayor
  • Kristine Salve Kho (PDP-Laban)
  • Romeo “Bonong” Villanueva (National Unity Party)
For Vice Mayor
  • Emily Hao (PDP-Laban)
  • Angelito Porteo (National Unity Party)
For councilors
  • Jovino Aguirre (PDP-Laban)
  • Bernardo Barredo (Independent)
  • William Bicua (Independent)
  • Noel Coja (PDP-Laban)
  • Betty Dote (PDP-Laban)
  • Olegario “Cocoy” Estrella Jr. (PDP-Laban) 
  • Rommel Mortel (PDP-Laban)
  • Efren Oliva (PDP-Laban)
  • Mariecor Pimentel (PDP-Laban)
  • Jonalyn Rana (PDP-Laban)
  • Danilo “Danny” Roldan (National Unity Party) 
  • Dexter Rone (Independent)
  • Atiles “Tiles” Tawag (National Unity Party)
  • Elvie Velasco (National Unity Party)
  • Richard Yamson (National Unity Party)
  • Hector Zerrudo (National Unity Party)

Masbate City

For Mayor
  • Socrates Tuason (PDP-Laban)
For Vice Mayor
  • Alex San Pablo (Independent)
  • Rowena Tuason (PDP-Laban)
For councilors
  • Alberto Abayon (PDP-Laban)
  • Rodolfo “Odik” Abella (PDP-Laban) 
  • Jarvey “Bala Jasper” Bala (PDP-Laban) 
  • Meden Diez (PDP-Laban)
  • Jamon Espares (PDP-Laban)
  • Allan Lim (PDP-Laban)
  • Dennis Placer (Independent)
  • Jerry Rey (PDP-Laban)
  • John Lorenz “Jolo” Romualdez (Lakas-CMD) 
  • Rosemarie “Mayie” Salvacion (PDP-Laban)
  • Ruby Sanchez-Morano (PDP-Laban)
  • Ramil Yaneza (PDP-Laban)


For Mayor
  • Heraclo “Onjo” Basas Jr. (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • Natividad “Naty” Magbalon (PDP-Laban) 
For Vice Mayor
  • Jose Magbalon Jr. (PDP-Laban)
For councilors
  • Oscar “Oca” Alba Jr. (PDP-Laban) 
  • Galvin “Nhong” Almoete (Independent) 
  • Joey “Tataowe” Avila (PDP-Laban) 
  • Romeo “Kiko” Delgado (PDP-Laban) 
  • Larry “Lar” Dorongon (PDP-Laban) 
  • Leopoldo “Boyet” Garra III (PDP-Laban) 
  • Nestor “Bing” Labastida (Independent) 
  • Jemmery “Toto” Madrilejos (PDP-Laban) 
  • Leo “Long” Miraya (PDP-Laban) 
  • Jay Monares (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • Elcid Oliva (National Unity Party)
  • Ireneo Rosero III (Independent)
  • Jenil Rosero (PDP-Laban)
  • Rodney Sia (National Unity Party)
  • Jose “Dodong” Victoria (Independent) 
  • Rey Zafra (National Unity Party)


For Mayor
  • Percival Castillo (National Unity Party)
  • Raymund “Doni” Salvacion (PDP-Laban)  
For Vice Mayor
  • Osias “Osing” Bolon (National Unity Party) 
  • John Paul “JP” Lim (PDP-Laban) 
For councilors
  • Bobby Aban (National Unity Party)
  • Julius Aban (PDP-Laban)
  • Chace Abas (Independent)
  • Maricon “Inday” Bolon (PDP-Laban) 
  • Nicolas “Kulas” Bolon (Independent) 
  • Ely “Onyot” Bustamante (PDP-Laban) 
  • Joselma Castillo (National Unity Party)
  • Isidro “Bolotoy” de Mesa (PDP-Laban)
  • Mark dela Rosa (PDP-Laban)
  • Camela Jean Espinas (National Unity Party)
  • Ernesto Lalaguna (Independent)
  • Salvacion “Jhie” Laurio (Independent)
  • Mateo “Mate” Masamoc Sr. (National Unity Party) 
  • Aldous Pitos (PDP-Laban)
  • Angelica “IC” Salvacion (PDP-Laban) 
  • Marites Vallecer (National Unity Party)
  • Ramon “Arbie” Villa III (National Unity Party) 
  • Michael “Mike” Villamor (PDP-Laban) 
  • Ramon Villamor (National Unity Party)
  • Christian Viterbo (Independent)


For Mayor
  • Ben Espiloy (National Unity Party)
  • Glenda Villahermosa (PDP-Laban)
For Vice Mayor
  • Jerome “Pal” Duano (PDP-Laban) 
  • Wyett Espiloy (National Unity Party)
For councilors
  • Liezl Barruga (National Unity Party)
  • Fe Cerillo (National Unity Party)
  • Marvin Deinla (PDP-Laban)
  • Helen dela Rama (National Unity Party)
  • Glenda “Intsika” Escorel (PDP-Laban) 
  • Ruel Espares (PDP-Laban)
  • Maria Espenilla (National Unity Party)
  • Lorico Fidel (National Unity Party)
  • Dan Gebilaguin (PDP-Laban)
  • Romeo Grona (National Unity Party)
  • Elvie Huarde (PDP-Laban)
  • Glen Jardin (National Unity Party)
  • Renato “Tato” Mergais (PDP-Laban) 
  • Edgar Oñate Jr. (National Unity Party)
  • Vicky Saturnino (PDP-Laban)
  • Freddie Yusi (PDP-Laban)


For Mayor
  • Roscelle Alvarez (PDP-Laban)
  • Ronald Lignes (National Unity Party)
For Vice Mayor
  • Jonathan “Jojo” Abenir (PDP-Laban) 
For councilors
  • Riza Abenir (Independent)
  • Roderick “Pong” Almanzor (PDP-Laban) 
  • Marsha Alvarez (PDP-Laban)
  • Julius Basas (Independent)
  • Lynn Bendibil (PDP-Laban)
  • Romson Mijares (National Unity Party)
  • Anthony “Jojo” Palacio (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • Alona Pillejera (PDP-Laban)
  • Ely Pogoy (PDP-Laban)
  • Diego Rumo (PDP-Laban)
  • Editha “Eden” Salazar (PDP-Laban) 
  • Alfonso Son Jr. (Independent)
  • Letecia Tamayo (PDP-Laban)
  • Ronald Tamayo (Independent)
  • Jeffrey “Jeff” Tiong (Independent) 

Pio V. Corpuz

For Mayor
  • Mark Antonio (PDP-Laban)
  • Liezl Marilla (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
For Vice Mayor
  • Rozabeth Tayo (PDP-Laban)
For councilors
  • Adolf “Pongpong” Avila (Independent) 
  • Chivene Baguio (PDP-Laban)
  • Darryl John Betonio (Independent)
  • Allan “Al Al Kabog” Bucado (PDP-Laban) 
  • Janeth Cababan (Partido Demokratiko Pilipino Lakas ng Bayan)
  • Nenita “Nene” Canonoy (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
  • Margarita “Agang” Colo (Nationalist People’s Coalition) 
  • Arold dela Cruz (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
  • Felix Gil (Independent)
  • Allena “Eday” Lecciones (PDP-Laban) 
  • Aian Lepasana (PDP-Laban)
  • Edly Pasaylo (PDP-Laban)
  • Abel Prudenciado (PDP-Laban)
  • Winworth “Wewe” Sia (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
  • Ruben Yubal (PDP-Laban)


For Mayor
  • Eusebio “Don Don” Dumoran Jr. (PDP-Laban)
  • Arturo “Bong” Espenilla Jr. (Nationalist People’s Coalition) 
For Vice Mayor
  • Jonathan “Boyet” Araza (Nationalist People’s Coalition) 
  • Mark Tenegra (PDP-Laban)
For councilors
  • Jose Abellare Jr. (PDP-Laban)
  • Crescille “Caress” Araza (Nationalist People’s Coalition) 
  • Nimfa Arevalo (PDP-Laban)
  • Aldous Arnaiz (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
  • Richel Bañas (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
  • Roberto “Rommel” Camay (Independent) 
  • Ricky “Dondon” Canales (Nationalist People’s Coalition) 
  • Mark Joel Dumoran (PDP-Laban)
  • Antonio “Tony” Erasmo Jr. (Independent) 
  • Grace Espenilla (PDP-Laban)
  • Marlon Gabriel (Independent)
  • Rolando “Lando” Hermosa (Independent)
  • Ilonah Lepatan (Independent)
  • Christie “Mayet” Lepatan (Independent) 
  • Randy Monceller (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
  • Venus Noval (Independent)
  • Alfon Pahilino (Independent)
  • George Roldan (PDP-Laban)
  • Roy Roldan (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
  • Michael Sevilleno Jr. (PDP-Laban)
  • Dioscoro “Dickyam” Sy (PDP-Laban) 
  • Jose “Jojo” Ybañez (PDP-Laban) 

San Fernando

For Mayor
  • Glenn Alvarez (PDP-Laban)
  • Byron Bravo (National Unity Party)
For Vice Mayor
  • Fernando “Baby” Mogueis (PDP-Laban) 
  • Adelfa “Ading” Nacional (National Unity Party) 
For councilors
  • Clark Abapo (PDP-Laban)
  • Rene Alindogan (National Unity Party)
  • Rodolfo “Ompoy” Badillo (PDP-Laban) 
  • Cezar “Boyet” Bisnar (PDP-Laban) 
  • Liza Brabante (PDP-Laban)
  • Julio Cantre (PDP-Laban)
  • Gary Cantuba (National Unity Party)
  • Piedad “Paying” Capariño (National Unity Party) 
  • Rex Clemente (National Unity Party)
  • Hellie “Honey” Desdir (PDP-Laban) 
  • Romeo “Dongdong” Espejon (National Unity Party) 
  • Isidro “Bong” Ibañez III (PDP-Laban) 
  • Yke Lim (National Unity Party)
  • Niccolo “Nico” Llacer (National Unity Party) 
  • Jojit Medina (Independent)
  • Jefferson Reyes (Independent)
  • Virgilio Ribas (PDP-Laban)
  • Don Solis (National Unity Party)

San Jacinto

For Mayor
  • Francisco “Kito” Altarejos (PDP-Laban) 
  • Vincent Martin Bravo (National Unity Party)
  • Angelo Lignes (Independent)
For Vice Mayor
  • Leny Arcenas (National Unity Party)
  • Sanny Dejumo (PDP-Laban)
For councilors
  • Alfredo “Kap Tando” Alcantara (National Unity Party)  
  • Noe Almodal (PDP-Laban)
  • Ronie “Romy” Almonte (National Unity Party) 
  • John Patrick “Ric-Ric” Arcenas (National Unity Party) 
  • Letty Bartolata (PDP-Laban)
  • Jimson Bartolay (PDP-Laban)
  • Melina “Mam Meling” Bartolay (PDP-Laban)
  • Ma. Chinel “Chin-Chin” Delavin (National Unity Party) 
  • Jerol “Kap Jerol” Espinosa (National Unity Party) 
  • Floyd “Tokoy” Espinosa (PDP-Laban)
  • Gildong Meteoro (PDP-Laban)
  • Benito “Kap Bob” Omilgo Jr. (PDP-Laban) 
  • Tara Anna Real (PDP-Laban)
  • Harry Sandro Tan (National Unity Party)
  • Annabelle Villamor (National Unity Party)
  • Enrico Villamor (National Unity Party)

San Pascual

For Mayor
  • Zacarina “Saki” Lazaro (PDP-Laban) 
  • Job “Jojo” Rivera (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
For Vice Mayor
  • Manuel “Awel” Hermosa (PDP-Laban)
For councilors
  • Dante Andueza Jr. (National Unity Party)
  • Arlene “Nening” Armildez (PDP-Laban) 
  • Antonio Codera Jr. (National Unity Party)
  • Rocelyn “Boboy” dela Peña (PDP-Laban)
  • Ceferino dela Torre (National Unity Party)
  • Felipe Divino (National Unity Party)
  • Elmer Epili (National Unity Party)
  • Erlinda Evangelista (PDP-Laban)
  • Alvin “Kap Alvin” Fontellar (PDP-Laban) 
  • Erika Lazaro (PDP-Laban)
  • Leticia “Maam Letty” Lete (PDP-Laban) 
  • Peter Padilla (Independent)
  • Myrna “Mina” Rivera (National Unity Party) 
  • Amado Rodriguez (Independent)
  • Rani Laurian Sia (PDP-Laban)
  • Enrico Sta. Ana (National Unity Party)
  • Vigon Villapañe (PDP-Laban)


For Mayor
  • Manuel Arevalo (Kilusang Bagong Lipunan)
  • Berdan Pototoy (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
  • Felipe “Eping” Sanchez (PDP-Laban) 
For Vice Mayor
  • Regino “Okoy” Hustaya Jr. 
  • Salvadora “Inday” Sanchez (PDP-Laban) 
For councilors
  • Angelina “Lina” Bandol (Independent) 
  • Renato Cabatingan (Independent)
  • Esteban Clores (Independent)
  • Lucas “Jhunlucas” Dabalos Jr. (Independent) 
  • Alvin Lim (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
  • Analyn Lim (Nationalist People’s Coalition)
  • Edmond “Mon” Mag-iba (National Unity Party)
  • Marijean “Jean” Mondares-Lim (PDP-Laban) 
  • Liza Orbiso (PDP-Laban)
  • Melquisidic “Kap Jun” Rupa Jr. (PDP-Laban) 
  • Deneb Ann Sanchez (PDP-Laban)
  • Resty Philip Sanchez (PDP-Laban)
  • Dante Sia (PDP-Laban)
  • Hernando “Nong” Valenzuela (PDP-Laban) 
  • Jhona Villacorta (PDP-Laban)

We will post the official list of candidates once the Commission on Elections makes it available.

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