COVID-19 pandemic: Latest situation in the Philippines – January 2022

COVID-19 pandemic: Latest situation in the Philippines – January 2022


How many people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the Philippines? How many have recovered, and how many have died? What is President Rodrigo Duterte doing about it?

What are the latest updates from the World Health Organization regarding the vaccines? How is the Department of Health addressing the variants, including the newly identified Omicron variant? What should the public expect in terms of the economy? What’s the status of the country’s vaccination rollout among the general public, children, and in the provinces? What about booster shots?

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FALSE: Government officials collect vaccination cards to erase records

Claim: The government is collecting vaccination cards so they can erase any vaccination records and protect vaccinators from legal liabilities.

Rating: FALSE

The facts: The Department of Health has instituted a digital platform where health facilities can upload information on individuals whom they have vaccinated. It doesn’t have to collect vaccination cards to copy the information contained in these. The National Privacy Commission has also advised that data collected in vaccination cards must abide by the Data Privacy Act.

Why we fact-checked this: This claim was forwarded to Rappler via email for checking. As of writing, the post has gained over 3,100 reactions, 900 comments, and 4,300 shares across different public Facebook groups.

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FALSE: COVID-19 vaccines contain parasitic eggs

Claim: COVID-19 vaccine contains parasitic material.

Rating: FALSE

The facts: None of the COVID-19 vaccines contain parasitic eggs nor any parasitic materials. Vaccines typically contain an antigen that teaches our immune system to identify the virus and fight against it, as well as chemicals that maintain the integrity of the vaccines.

Why we fact-checked this: Avideo circulating on social media contains reports from alleged experts who have supposedly studied that the vaccine contains parasitic material. A copy of this video was posted on Facebook and has amassed more than 2,000 views. 

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MISSING CONTEXT: Video of DOH warning against COVID-19 booster shots

Claim: The Department of Health (DOH) warns the public against the use of COVID-19 booster shots.


The facts: The video was taken from a dated news report, and the DOH has since encouraged those eligible to get COVID-19 booster shots.

Why we fact-checked this: The claim was made in a video circulating on social media. A copy of the video that was posted on Facebook on January 28, 2022, has amassed 62,000 views, as of the time of writing. 

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Nearly a year into PH vaccine drive, 8 regions yet to receive enough doses

Sofia Tomacruz
VACCINATION. Davao City residents show up at the launch of the 3-day national vaccination program against COVID-19 at the People’s Park in Davao City on November 29, 2021.

Nearly a year since COVID-19 vaccine doses were made available, the Philippines continues to face a stream of challenges. While some regions like Metro Manila have covered nearly all eligible individuals in their target populations, eight or almost half of the 17 regions in the county are still far from reaching swaths of their residents. 

An analysis of the data on the Philippines’ COVID-19 vaccine program, done by Rappler and public health research firm EpiMetrics, showed that supply is no longer a hurdle. Neither is people’s willingness to get vaccinated. The hurdle is in getting the vaccines beyond Metro Manila and Luzon.

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DOH bulletin: COVID-19 cases as of January 31, 2022

DOH bulletin: COVID-19 cases as of January 30, 2022

DOH bulletin: COVID-19 cases as of January 29, 2022

DOH bulletin: COVID-19 cases as of January 28, 2022

4 of 5 vaccinated adult Filipinos willing to get COVID-19 booster – SWS

Sofia Tomacruz

The results of a December 2021 Social Weather Stations survey also show that among fully vaccinated adult Filipinos, 7% say are unwilling to receive an additional shot while 13% remain uncertain about it.

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Metro Manila down to ‘moderate risk’ for COVID-19 – DOH

Bonz Magsambol

Health Undersecretary Maria Vergeire says the average daily COVID-19 cases in the capital region has dropped by 67% compared to the previous week.

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