2022 Philippine Elections

LIVE: Canvassing of votes for president, vice president – 2022 PH elections

LIVE: Canvassing of votes for president, vice president – 2022 PH elections


The canvassing of votes for the Philippines’ next president and vice president begins at 10 am (Manila time) on Tuesday, May 24, at the Batasang Pambansa.

Contingents from the Senate and the House of Representatives to the canvassing committee are set to convene as the National Board of Canvassers (NBOC) to officially count the votes. Lawmakers target to finish the canvassing and proclaim the winners of the 2022 presidential and vice-presidential elections by Wednesday, May 25.

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For our livestream of the canvassing proceedings, click the YouTube video below:

LIVE: Canvassing of votes for president, vice president – 2022 PH elections


Official canvass for president


Official canvass for vice president


Marcos Jr., Sara Duterte win overseas Filipino vote

Michelle Abad

Meanwhile, Vatican City is the only area where Vice President Leni Robredo and Senator Kiko Pangilinan emerge the winners as a tandem.

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63 special BARMM barangays choose Leni, Sara

Michael Bueza

The 63 barangays in Cotabato province that opted to join the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) went for Vice President Leni Robredo and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte in the 2022 presidential and vice presidential race, respectively.

Robredo and Duterte got huge margins in these areas.

For president:

  • Robredo, Leni – 51,849
  • Marcos, Bongbong – 8,773
  • Moreno, Isko – 2,200
  • Mangondato, Faisal – 818
  • Pacquiao, Manny – 615
  • Gonzales, Norberto – 381
  • Abella, Ernie – 80
  • Lacson, Ping – 73
  • De Guzman, Leody – 29
  • Montemayor, Jose Jr. – 28

For vice president:

  • Duterte, Sara – 61,043
  • Pangilinan, Kiko – 1,476
  • Sotto, Tito – 1,135
  • David, Rizalito – 549
  • Ong, Willie – 271
  • Lopez, Manny – 77
  • Atienza, Lito – 59
  • Bello, Walden – 30
  • Serapio, Carlos – 23

Comelec apologizes for cases of ‘missing’ COCs

Dwight de Leon

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) apologized to Congress, which is sitting as the National Board of Canvassers (NBOC) for the presidential and vice presidential races, for the cases of “missing” certificates of canvass (COC), or COCs that were supposed to be inside ballot boxes but were apparently left behind in provincial offices of the Comelec.

“We do apologize to NBOC for the unfortunate incidents,” Comelec spokesperson Rex Laudiangco said in a press briefing on Wednesday, May 25.

Comelec Commissioner Marlon Casquejo, however, clarified the lapses cannot be considered an election offense on the part of election officers, but said the Comelec will still investigate.

“This is not acceptable to us because this is part of our general instructions or our resolution that the first copy should be put in the ballot box intended for the NBOC for the Congress for the position of president and vice president,” Casquejo added. “We will look into it. I guess, inadvertently, [it was] due to fatigue or whatever reason. I think it’s not an excuse for us because it’s one of the clear jobs of our election officers.”

Bongbong, Kiko win among detainee voters with 1-vote leads

Michael Bueza

With only around 100 votes cast by detainee voters, or persons deprived of liberty (PDL), Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. won in the presidential race and Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan in the vice-presidential race both by just one vote.

Marcos garnered 43 votes, followed by Vice President Leni Robredo with 42 votes.

Meanwhile, Pangilinan obtained 32 votes, while Senate President Tito Sotto got 31 votes.

Here are the results, as canvassed, for PDL votes:

For president:

  • Marcos, Bongbong – 44
  • Robredo, Leni – 43
  • Pacquiao, Manny – 7
  • Moreno, Isko – 3
  • Lacson, Ping – 2
  • Mangondato, Faisal – 2
  • De Guzman, Leody – 1

For vice president:

  • Pangilinan, Kiko – 32
  • Sotto, Tito – 31
  • Duterte, Sara – 27
  • Atienza, Lito – 3
  • Ong, Willie – 2
  • Lopez, Manny – 1

The rest of the candidates got zero votes.

Bongbong, Sara win among local absentee voters

Michael Bueza

Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and Sara Dutere won for president and vice president, respectively, among local absentee voters, which include military and police personnel, media practitioners, and government officials and employees.

According to the certificates of canvass included by Congress for local absentee voting (LAV) on Wednesday, May 25, the candidates got the following votes:

For president:

  • Marcos, Bongbong – 67,225
  • Robredo, Leni – 3,440
  • Moreno, Isko – 1,058
  • Lacson, Ping – 938
  • Mangondato, Faisal – 582
  • Pacquiao, Manny – 347
  • Gonzales, Norberto – 29
  • Montemayor, Jose Jr. – 23
  • Abella, Ernie – 13
  • De Guzman, Leody – 13

For vice president:

  • Duterte, Sara – 69,056
  • Pangilinan, Kiko – 1,990
  • Sotto, Tito – 1,426
  • Ong, Willie – 1,076
  • Atienza, Lito – 36
  • Bello, Walden – 26
  • Serapio, Carlos – 9
  • David, Rizalito – 8
  • Lopez, Manny – 6

There is no breakdown of votes among the groups included in the LAV.

LOOK: Leni Robredo wins in Holy See

Marga Deona

‘How difficult is that to do?’ Zubiri expresses frustration again over missing COCs

Jairo Bolledo

Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri again expressed frustration over missing certificates of canvass (COC) during the second day of canvassing of votes for the presidential and vice presidential race on Wednesday, May 25. The National Board of Canvassers said the COCs of Mandaluyong, Sulu, Manila, and Cagayan de Oro were missing. 

LIVE: Canvassing of votes for president, vice president – 2022 PH elections

“It is such a simple duty of the BES (Board of Election Supervisor) and it’s a constitutionally mandated duty of the Comelec to deliver the provincial COCs to the Senate so that we may canvass them on time during the National Board of Canvassers and joint session of Congress. How difficult is that to do?” the senator asked. 

Zubiri also pointed out the pending confirmation of Commission on Elections Chairman Saidamen Pangarungan as he wondered aloud how the Comelec chairman and other commissioners could do their jobs if the poll body could not even properly send COCs. 

45 more COCs to go

Michael Bueza

As of 12:15 pm on Wednesday, May 25, hours before the expected proclamation of the new president and vice president, there are 45 certificates of canvass (COCs) remaining for the official canvass.

These are mostly from overseas posts, plus the COCs from the City of Manila, Taguig City-Pateros, Cagayan de Oro City, and Sulu which were deferred due to logistical and technical issues.

Also yet to be canvassed are the COCs for local absentee voting, persons deprived of liberty, and the 63 barangays that opted to join the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

See the partial, official tally so far on the #PHVote website.