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Palarong Pambansa results highlights: Day 2
NCR dominates by the end of Day 2, after nabbing all three medals from rhythmic gymnastics

LINGAYEN, Pangasinan – Day 2 of Palarong Pambansa saw a temporary standstill in its games, as the event officially opened with grand ceremonies today at the Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center.

After the morning’s exhibition, the only games played in the afternoon were arnis, basketball, football, rhythm gymnastics, and some unfinished tennis games. Earlier today, leftover results from the games yesterday, May 6, were officially posted — results of those games are included in these highlights.

EDITOR’s NOTE: Highlights are based on results posted by 8pm, Monday, May 7.



Region 11 defeated Region 1 at the fourth inning with a final score of 12-0 runs.


With an advantage of about 15 points every quarter, the NCR team beat Region 9 with a whopping score of 84-22 on May 6. Today, Region 11 won with a result of 88-40 over Region 2.


The footballers of Region 10 managed to score 7 goals against Region 5’s nil.


NCR has definitely showed itself as a strong contender for Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, having 3 representatives in the Individual All Around. These are 1st placer Carlos Edriel Yulo, 3rd placer John Ivan Cruz, and 4th placer John Matthew Vergara. NCR was also first place in Team Champion.

Region 9 also had a good show, placing 6th in both Individual All-Around with gymnast Jordan Vailoces and in Team Champion.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

NCR dominates and takes the top 3 spots.


With a score of 42-18, NCR overcome Region 1 yesterday.


Numerous teams had great highlights in softball yesterday. With the biggest score difference, Region 6 outdid Region 8 with 14-0 runs by the 3rd inning. 

NCR and Region 4-B both won by 11 point advantages, and both games were coincidentally won against CARAGA at 11-0 runs by the third inning. Region 7 did not lag far behind, beating ARMM with 11-1 runs by the 4th inning.

Tennis girls

The girls of NCR helped the region become the only one with two wins, overcoming Region 3 and Region 11. Before their defeat from NCR though, Region 11 won a game over Region 4-B.

Volleyball girls

For volleyball, Region 10 is now the only region with two wins, one against Region 2 and one against Region 4-A.


Baseball boys

Region 5 lost to NCR in the  3rd inning with a score of 0-11 runs.

Basketball boys

Region 4-A won over Region 1 yesterday, leading by 44 points and ending with 116-72. NCR won over Region 3 today for its second win.

Basketball girls

Girls’ basketball had a game with an even larger point margin. Region 6 defeated CAR with a score difference of 50 points at 94-44.


5 regions dominated Palaro boxing yesterday, each producing 2 winners. Region 1 has Raymundo Sadac, Jr. and Ryan Torres; Region 5 has Carl Jay Crispino and Francis Bacelonia; Region 7 has Cristian John Casanares and Orville King Olaivar; Region 9 has Rennie Ferraren and Jeffrey Billones; and Region 11 has Ferdinand Apat and John Patrick Dinolan.


NCR beats Region 12 with 7-1 goals, and Region 4-A defeats CARAGA with 5-0 goals.


Even in the Secondary level, NCR still emerged as Team Champion, with Region 4-A trailing not far behind at second place.

But at the Individual All-Around, NCR showed a powerful display, landing its players in all the top 3 spots. The winners were Martoni Abana, Jan Gwynn Timbang, and Christopher Villanueva, respectively.

Two players from Region 4-A landed on the 4th and 7th spot for Individual All Around: John J Windon Gimeno and Anthony Ombac. Region I placed 4th on the Team Champion and their player Alluidin Panara-ag landed 5th for Individual All Around.

Sepak Takraw

Three teams won two games each at the secondary sepak takraw: Region 4-A, 7, and 11. Region 9, meanwhile, won by a 33 point lead over ARMM yesterday.


Region 6 beats CAR at 19-3. The Region 4-A team won over Region 1 with 10-0 and they also won over CARAGA at 4-0. Region 11 had two wins, also, defeating Region 9 and CAR. 

Tennis boys

Region 7 has two wins for tennis boys, beating Region 2 and ARMM. Today, the three regions of 7, 9, and NCR earned their second wins against ARMM, Region 5, and Region 6, respectively.

Tennis girls

Region 4-A won its second game today, defeating ARMM yesterday and Region 4-B today. Likewise, Region 12 had a second victory, beating CAR and Region 3.

Volleyball girls

Region 7 overwhelmed Region 9 in 2 sets, 25-11 and 25-9. –