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‘May Dinadala’: The weight we carry
‘May Dinadala’: The weight we carry
Act One presents ‘May Dinadala,’ a ruminative piece about a man’s infatuation with a mysterious black creature as a way of escaping the mounting unhappiness he feels at home

Giancarlo Abrahan’s May Dinadala follows a man named Joy (Garry Lim) and his discreet rendezvous deep in the woods. Unhappy with his pregnant wife, Joy seeks frequent recluse in the company of a mysterious black creature. Joy must weigh which relationship to carry homeward.

An unusual take on Philippine folklore, the film presents its creatures lamenting their otherness – seemingly a metaphor for people unfairly othered by society.

The short film is Abrahan’s thesis film at the University of the Philippines Film Institute, where it earned Special Mention for Narrative Film. It then went on to premiere internationally at the 2014 Locarno International Film Festival. Shortly after that, it also screened at the 2014 Singapore International Film Festival.

Abrahan would later direct feature films like Dagitab (2015), Paki (2017), and Sila-Sila (2019), all of which bagged wins in their respective festival premieres.

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