EXPLAINER: Myths and facts about ivermectin

EXPLAINER: Myths and facts about ivermectin
Watch Rappler's video explainer sifting through the myths and facts about the controversial drug, ivermectin

As the Philippines continues to battle a deadly virus amid limited vaccine supplies and low vaccine trust among Filipinos, the internet is abuzz with claims about one potential treatment – the drug ivermectin.

The controversy has led to a raging debate online and in Congress to the point of dividing the medical community. Can an anti-parasitic drug really treat COVID-19? In a war against a rapidly mutating virus, some would rather take the risk on a potential treatment, even as clinical trials point to insufficient evidence on its effectivity. But clinical trial reviewers say “the evidence is evolving.”

Watch Rappler’s video explainer that sifts through the myths and the facts about this controversial drug. – Rappler.com

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