[Kitchen 143] Who says pancit is the only “birthday noodle” you can have on your special day?

[Kitchen 143] Who says pancit is the only “birthday noodle” you can have on your special day?
You can have all kinds of pastas too! Here are some pasta recipes to add to your birthday handa.

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Put your finger down pasta edition: put your finger down if carbonara, not just pancit or Pinoy spaghetti, is a staple for birthday celebrations!

Our World Pasta Month celebration continues! In episode 2 of our three-part special for World Pasta Month with San Remo, Michelle Aventajado is taking a closer look at creamy and delectable white sauces, and how you can give them that extra flair to make them more special for your birthday.

Michelle Aventajado walks us through her zucchini lasagna dish, and her poached egg carbonara with fettuccine.

Sharing their own love for pasta sauces too are Chef Don Colmenares of Stonehill Suites, and Raleigh Guzman-Pagtalunan of Cholate Bar who will also share how they use San Remo products for their own dishes.

Of course, a celebration wouldn’t be complete without some giveaways, so if you join our Quiz The Cook trivia contest, you can get a chance to win San Remo goodies that can help you recreate some of the dishes we’re featuring on the show.

Catch the first episode of our three-part special series on World Pasta Month on October 18 at 4:00 pm! Bookmark this page so you don’t miss it.

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