#CheckThisOut: Spicy Asian snacks to test if you can handle the heat

Giselle S. Barrientos

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#CheckThisOut: Spicy Asian snacks to test if you can handle the heat
A wise man once said, “Careful around your eyes”

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The rainy season has been in full swing recently, and what better way to instantly warm up than with a spicy snack? 

Of course, if we’re talking spice, we all know that Asian snacks can pack a lot of heat. Even the most adventurous of foodies will find a unique spicy snack iteration in our supermarkets – just check out wasabi ice cream or spicy carbonara ramen. Plus, if you really want to push your limits, Asian snacks are known to get pretty ruthless on the spice scale.

For those who enjoy exploring the world of peppers and heat, you might want to try these interesting Asian snacks to satisfy your burning cravings.

CANDYDO Spicy Sampaloc

Sampaloc candy is a certified Filipino fave that a lot of us Filipinos enjoy as a sari-sari store snack. One thing that can amp up the fruit’s mouth-watering acidity is a whole lot of chili, like this version by CANDYDO. Enjoy a packed combination of sugar, tamarind, and chili for a sweet-sour-spicy roller coaster ride in one bite.

Samyang Buldak Cream Carbonara

You can’t make a spicy Asian snack list without adding a Samyang fire noodle flavor. For those who are dipping their toes into the line, a good starting point would be the cream carbonara variant. This is said to be the least spicy of the flavors, but don’t be fooled – it still packs a lip-burning punch worthy of the fire noodle brand.

Weilong Big Spicy Stick

Have you seen those viral TikToks of Chinese creators eating red-hot marinated sticks? It might be Weilong’s La Tiao. These vegan-friendly snacks are supposed to be panting-for-air levels of spicy, but equally as addictive. Why else would anyone suffer through such spicy pain? They come in three forms: skinny strands, spongey sticks, and chewy rectangular strips – choose your poison.

Tao Kae Noi Spicy Big Roll

You can never go wrong with seaweed snacks, and that goes for spicy flavors, too. I first saw these seaweed rolls being taste tested on TikTok, with a vlogger who immediately went into a coughing fit upon her first bite, then followed it up with a definitive, “It’s good.” If someone’s still enjoying painfully spicy food, then it must be an absolute banger.

Red Chili Chips

If you’re a real spice lover, then eating straight up red chili chips is probably your kind of snack. These locally made chips are real chilis that were seasoned and deep fried, and they also come in flavors like cheese, sour cream, barbecue, and even salted egg. One commenter said, “eto nag tatalo yung anghang at sarap at napaka crispy.” Consider me sold.

After you devour all these spicy treats, don’t forget to do some stomach aftercare! Good luck and stay spicy, snackers. – Rappler.com

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