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WATCH: Overcoming the challenges of working from home

Employees of Accenture in the Philippines share how they thrive in a remote work environment

MANILA, Philippines — After a year of working from home, much of the Philippines’ workforce has settled into the virtual environment. Early on, however, it was agile companies like Accenture that were quick to respond to employee needs.   

Take it from some employees at Accenture in the Philippines: Dan, a change management specialist, was able to set up his home office thanks to work-from-home initiatives; Anna, technology services manager, used mental wellness apps and programs which are part of the company’s initiatives in looking after health and well-being of its people. 

Beyond meeting individual needs, Accenture also promotes community groups like Accenture Parents at Work (APAW), which has helped employees like Von, a test manager, balance productivity and parenting at home.   

Watch and listen to these employees who have truly found their rhythm in this never normal work environment. This video is part of Accenture’s Thrive Through Change series in partnership with Rappler.