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[PODCAST] Teach Me, Senpai, E8: Illustrating and freelancing with Raxenne Maniquiz

[PODCAST] Teach Me, Senpai, E8: Illustrating and freelancing with Raxenne Maniquiz
What’s it like to see big brands use your illustrations, and how do you even make that happen?

Imagine waking up one day and seeing a brand slide into your DMs, asking if they can tap you to work on some illustrations for their products. Now, imagine if that were MAC Cosmetics.

Then, imagine going into a meeting and seeing representatives from Nike/Jordan use your illustrations in a pitch deck so that they can convince you to work with them for a campaign.

This is what happened to illustrator and graphic designer Raxenne Maniquiz.

By then, Raxenne had already been working at one of Manila’s most prestigious design studios, Plus63 Design Co. She had experience handling clients both with the studio and as a freelancer as they were encouraged by their mentors and bosses to work on projects on the side as a way to keep learning.

During her stint with Plus63, she was able to create illustrations for brands like UNIQLO and Doc Martens. In 2020, before the lockdown, she was also invited as a speaker for Graphika Manila, where thousands of young creatives attended to learn from trailblazers in the industry.

Raxenne had also collaborated with renowned artist Stefan Sagmeister for an art installation in Bentonville, Arkansas. She was also a recipient of the Young Guns Award granted by One Club for Creativity, a nonprofit organization that recognizes talent in advertising and design.

Her illustrations of flora endemic to the Philippines have also garnered the attention of Filipino botanists and the Philippine Taxonomic Initiative.

If you haven’t seen the works of this badass designer and illustrator, a visit to her Instagram page would instantly convert you into a fan.

In this episode of Teach Me, Senpai, we dive deep into Raxenne’s imaginative and flora-filled mind. We ask her about how she found her style, what continues to drive her to draw local Filipino plants in great detail, and how she handles client work while pursuing her passion projects.

We also break down campaigns she did in the past and get firsthand advice on what to do if you’re an aspiring illustrator and designer.

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