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[PODCAST] Teach Me, Senpai, E6: Thrifting and vintage clothing with Season Pass

[PODCAST] Teach Me, Senpai, E6: Thrifting and vintage clothing with Season Pass
New is NOT always better

As fast fashion and mass-produced cookie-cutter styles continue to dominate people’s closets, there’s also a groundswell of support for vintage clothing, especially among those looking for more unique pieces to show off their personal styles.

And the rise – or resurgence – of vintage is thanks in no small part to purveyors of the style like Season Pass.

Season Pass is a vintage clothing store tucked into a corner of Maginhawa Street. Its walls are lined with shirts and jackets, and shelves are stocked with shoes and other collectibles – some limited edition designs, some from eras way back when, and others referencing popular shows or artists from the past.

The shop opened in 2018 as a streetwear clothing store specializing in brands and pieces you normally wouldn’t get in the Philippines. But after a few patrons brought in secondhand vintage pieces to trade, the brains behind the shop saw an opportunity to focus on this instead.

From there, they built on ways to acquire secondhand vintage pieces, authenticate them, and price them based on interest and demand. Five years down the road, they have now gathered a community of people who love thrifting and vintage clothing. 

The physical shop may seem small, but don’t be fooled by the storefront’s size. Its influence in the world of vintage fashion in the Philippines goes far beyond the confines of its walls.

They did this by maintaining a strong online presence while hosting offline events, including community flea markets, where other vintage clothing vendors (as well as other kinds of merchants) could sell their wares. They also recently concluded the third iteration of their annual fair, The Good Old Days, where they rent a larger venue and bring in even more merchants and artists to showcase their products.

In this episode of Teach Me, Senpai, Season Pass co-owners Lean Torres and Red Madiaga talk about thrifting and vintage clothing. They talk about how they were able to pull off Season Pass’s current success. They also touch on the costs of selling secondhand items that people don’t normally see, like renting a space, cleaning and repairs, and authentication.

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