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Business Sense: Bayo CEOs Leo and Anna Lagon
Business Sense: Bayo CEOs Leo and Anna Lagon
Bayo CEOs Leo and Anna Lagon talk about adapting during the pandemic, and how their relationship as husband and wife is effective for their business

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MANILA, Philippines – People have started to buy clothes again, as the economy opens up along with the decline in coronavirus cases.

But during the long months with one lockdown after another, clothing brands had to pivot to save their business and their workers.

Bayo, for instance, quickly learned how to make medical-grade protective wear and face masks for healthcare frontliners and local government units to use.

In this episode of Business Sense, Rappler talks to Bayo chief executive officers Leo and Anna Lagon about adapting to the new normal, the importance of sustainability, plus how their dynamics as husband and wife play out as they run their business. –

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