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Raymond Gutierrez shares that he is in a relationship
Raymond Gutierrez shares that he is in a relationship

RAYMOND GUTIERREZ. The TV host talks about his new life in Los Angeles.

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The TV host talks about his new life – and his new romance – in Los Angeles

MANILA, Philippines – Love is in the air for Raymond Gutierrez in Los Angeles.

The TV host shared that he is in a relationship with someone new as he guested on the June 1 episode of the Superhuman podcast of vlogger Wil Dasovich. 

In the episode, he spoke with Wil about moving to the United States and adjusting to life in Los Angeles, where he has been based since May 2021.

“I think initially I just wanted to be here for the summer to have fun, get away from it all, you know we had one of the longest lockdowns in the world. So I had the opportunity to leave, I’m single, I’m by myself in my condo, I’m like let’s go, let’s go to LA. I’m very grateful that I had that option because not many people do,” he said.

Wil eventually asked him if he had found “a love interest” in Los Angeles.

“Yeah I think the first few months it was kind of just like, ‘Lets have fun, let’s see where this goes,’ but in January I did meet someone, and we’re taking it a little bit more seriously and yeah, we are in a relationship,” Raymond said.

“There’s nothing to hide, what is there to hide, you know what I mean? If the pandemic taught us one thing, it’s like ‘Live your life now,’” he added, when Wil quipped that he wasn’t expecting Raymond to mention that he was in a relationship.

Raymond also said that he hasn’t posted anything on social media about his new relationship because his boyfriend is not in the public eye. 

“I respect that about him, I actually like that, that he doesn’t like the attention, that he barely posts. I actually encourage him to post on his private social media. I like that he’s private,” Raymond said.

Raymond came out publicly as gay in August 2021. –