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LIST: Movie, TV parent-daughter tandems who celebrate all kinds of love

LIST: Movie, TV parent-daughter tandems who celebrate all kinds of love

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In celebration of International Daughter’s Day, here are some of our favorite on-screen parents and daughters

Have you shown the girls and women in your family love on International Daughter’s Day?

International Daughter’s Day seeks to challenge stigma and traditions across the world that tend to give more importance to sons over daughters. It’s also a day that’s meant to remind all daughters of the spaces they rightly hold in the family and in society. 

We’ve listed some iconic on-screen parent-daughter tandems who’ve made us appreciate even more the value of family and respect.

Uncle Jesse and Michelle Tanner from Full House

For most viewers, it was Uncle Jesse’s dynamic with the young Michelle Tanner that made them fall in love with Full House. Uncle Jesse was among the characters who helped widower Danny Tanner struggled to balance raising his three young daughters alongside work.

Their dynamic easily became a fan favorite because of Michelle’s spunky attitude and Uncle Jesse’s soft spot for his nieces. Uncle Jesse and Michelle were inseparable – he was often Michelle’s date at the playground, and she was his favorite music critic (and fan) as he sang her lullabies every night.

The relationship between the two celebrates what would otherwise be an unlikely bond between a rock star uncle and his youngest niece, and shows that little girls can find one of their best friends in a parental figure.

Full House is available on Amazon Prime. Episodes cost $1.99 each (around P100.79) while seasons cost $19.99 each (around P1,012.49).

Aunt Becky and the Tanner girls from Full House

In season 4 of Full House, Uncle Jesse settles down and married Becky, Danny’s longtime co-host on his morning show. 

Aunt Becky becomes the mother figure to Tanner girls DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. Fans fell in love with her brazen ’90s feminism as she juggled being a full-time news anchor, mother, and the best aunt to the girls. 

Throughout the series, Aunt Becky taught the girls and the viewers many life lessons, highlighting how many daughters often turn to the older women in the family for all kinds of help. She helped Michelle build her own soapbox derby race car when none of the men in the family thought she could win a race dominated by boys.

She also taught DJ to “never do anything [she wasn’t] comfortable with” when her boyfriend had plans of going to an after-prom party in a hotel room.

Full House is available on Amazon Prime. Episodes cost $1.99 each (around P100.79) while seasons cost $19.99 each (around P1,012.49).

Rory and Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls

Rory and Lorelai Gilmore’s relationship might just be what a lot of mothers and daughters want for themselves.

Although Rory and Lorelai did not fit the description of a typical family, they were able to thrive and flourish, thanks in part to their wit, charm, and perseverance in going for their dreams. The series not only celebrates their strong bond but also showcases how they truly embody what it means to be strong and independent women.

Rory and Lorelai relied on each other at different crossroads in their lives: from when Rory dedicated her valedictorian speech where she described Lorelai as her best friend who “guided [her] through eighteen incredible years,” to the time when Lorelai spent the night at Rory’s dormitory in Yale when she was feeling anxious and homesick.

Gilmore Girls is available on Netflix for streaming.

Grace Salazar and Teddie, Bobbie, Alex, and Gabbie Salazar from Four Sisters and a Wedding

Four Sisters and a Wedding is an iconic Filipino family film that centers on the lives of the Salazar family. Theirs is a story of forgiveness, sisterhood, and love. Grace is the quintessential Pinay matriarch who raises five feisty children – daughters Teddie, Bobbie, Alex, and Gabbie, and only son CJ. 

The children’s ultimate goal is to make their mother happy.

Even if they were very close as children, they eventually grew apart because of their career paths and life choices. When Grace wants the Salazar sisters come home for CJ’s engagement and wedding, it was difficult for the siblings to hide their unresolved issues from their mother.

Fans of the film remember the iconic confrontation scene where the Salazar siblings unleash all the bottled-up tension and open up about their feelings toward Grace’s apparent favoritism. Instead getting angry at her kids, Grace takes it in stride and apologizes to each of them, which allowed the family to ultimately forgive each other and make amends.

Four Sisters and a Wedding is available on Netflix and YouTube for streaming.

Ina Montecillo and Seven from the Ang Tanging Ina film series

The Ang Tanging Ina series (composed of the films Ang Tanging Ina, Ang Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat, Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last na ‘To!), and crossover film Enteng ng Ina Mo) chronicles life of a single mother, Ina Montecillo, who was left with 12 children to raise on her own. 

For years, Ina worked tirelessly to ensure her children would have a better future, even if it meant never being able to do anything for herself. 

Once all her kids were of age, Ina finally pursued her own dreams and eventually becomes President of the Philippines. One of Ina’s daughters, Seven, even undertook her responsibilities at home and took care of her younger siblings.

The Ang Tangina Ina series celebrates the unique relationship between working mothers and their daughters, as well as the sacrifices they make for one another. The films highlight the mutual support and unwavering love between Ina and Seven, and show the realities all working single mothers face and know too well.

The Ang Tanging Ina films are available on Amazon Prime for renting and buying, and prices range from $0.99 to $9.99 (around P50.14 to P505.99). – Marian Almendras/

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