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Big Bad Wolf’s book sale goes online – here’s what you should know

Amanda T. Lago
Big Bad Wolf’s book sale goes online – here’s what you should know

Big Bad Wolf

The beloved book sale is offering some 60,000 titles at up to 99% off

Big Bad Wolf, one of the biggest events on Filipino bookworms’ social calendars, is launching its online edition this year.

The pivot to an online sale only makes sense now, over a year into the pandemic, with a market primed for online shopping. As can be expected, the experience will be different.

We will, of course, miss the the frenzied search through piles and piles of books, the high of finding a coveted title hidden in a corner previously unnoticed. We’ll even miss the long snaking lines if only because they give us a chance to check out out what other people have piled into their carts.

Big Bad Wolf co-founder Jacqueline Ng said that they eventually hope to mount a physical event again but until then, they will remain online – even after the pandemic.

“I feel like it’s a good accessible platform for everyone but at the same time we can’t wait to go back to our physical sale,” she said at a virtual press conference on Thursday, June 17. 

“I think it is still something very special…even myself, the excitement of going through the books, to touch it, smell it, open it, and to see what other people are buying, I think that cannot be replaced.”

Pandemic or not though, people will keep looking for books and Big Bad Wolf is just another place to find them. Here’s what people can expect from this year’s online edition:

Nationwide reach

Through the internet, Big Bad Wolf can now reach more people than ever. In previous years, people would have to travel to Manila, Cebu, Pampanga, or Davao to be able to take part in the book fair. This time around though, the sale is accessible to anyone in the Philippines, though shipping rates will vary depending on your area.

More books than ever

One of the advantages of not mounting a physical sale is that the organizers are able to showcase their whole inventory. In this case, that inventory numbers at some 60,000 titles, including the book sale’s usual inventory of bestsellers, coffee table books, cook books, self-help, business titles, and graphic novels. They will also continue to offer the selection of children’s books they’ve become famous for – including bedtime stories, picture books, and coloring books.

Lots of promos and discounts

Perhaps to recreate the excitement of a physical sale, Big Bad Wolf is offering their selection at  discounts of up to 99% off the recommended retail price. 

They also have a lot of promos for customers this year. Among them are the P10 book deals, where you can add titles like Kevin Kwan’s China Rich Girlfriend to your cart for a coin, with a minimum spend of P1,800. They are also offering discount coupons for 5% and 10% off for minimum purchases of P1,200 or P5,000, and deals if you buy a certain number of books under certain collections.

Additionally, free shipping is available for a minimum spend of P2,900. 

Straightforward online shopping

The Big Bad Wolf website is not much different from most online shops, and anyone who’s bought anything off the internet will be able to easily navigate their site. Books can be put under your wish list, or in your cart, and several payment options are available at checkout, including online wallets, mobile banking, and credit cards.

A considerable wait time

One drawback of having the booksale online is not having that instant gratification of being able to hold your books right after paying for them. The shipping period is the adult version of a marshmallow test, taking 18 to 24 business days. It’s a long wait, but understandable, considering the books are shipping from Malaysia.

Big Bad Wolf’s Online Sale will run from June 30 to July 7. –

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