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Isko says Filipinos shouldn’t vote for Marcos or Robredo: ‘Maghihigantihan sila’

Isko says Filipinos shouldn’t vote for Marcos or Robredo: ‘Maghihigantihan sila’

'BILIS KILOS.' Manila Mayor Isko Moreno sits down for an interview with Boy Abunda. Screenshot from Boy Abunda Talk Channel

The Manila mayor says he has no problem with Filipinos voting Panfilo Lacson or Manny Pacquiao

MANILA, Philippines – Manila Mayor and presidential aspirant Isko Moreno has no beef against rivals Senator Panfilo Lacson and Senator Manny Pacquiao. But it’s a different story when it comes to Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Vice President Leni Robredo, the two aspirants who recently bested Moreno in voter preference surveys.

Moreno, in an interview with entertainment host Boy Abunda aired on Thursday, January 27, was asked to give reasons why Filipinos should not vote for the other presidential aspirants.

His responses were:

  • On why not Lacson: “Senator Lacson? Pwede naman iboto ah (They can vote for him).”
  • On why not Pacquiao: “Mabait naman siya. Okay naman.” (He’s nice. He’s okay.)
  • On why not Robredo: “Maghihiganti sa mga Marcos at Duterte.” (She will seek revenge against Marcos and Duterte.)
  • On why not Marcos: “Maghihiganti sa mga dilawan at pingklawan.” (He will seek revenge against the yellows and pinks.)

“Dilawan” and “pingklawan” are derogatory terms used to refer to supporters of the Liberal Party or Robredo whose campaign color is pink.

Why vote for Isko?

Asked why then voters should choose him instead, Moreno promised he would not premise his governance on the need to exact vengeance on political enemies.

Hindi ako maghihiganti kanino man, wala akong paghihigantihan (I won’t seek vengeance against anyone, I have nothing to seek vengeance for),” said Moreno.

The 47-year-old Manila mayor vowed to devote all his energies to solving major challenges like the pandemic and economic recovery. (READ: Isko Moreno: The new enemy of ‘moralista,’ ‘disente’ politics)

Ako, sa dami ng problema, sa bilis ng problema, kailangan natin ng mga tunay na solusyon at mabalis na aksyon. That I can do in my own little way,” he said.

(With the many problems we have, we need real solutions and fast action. That I can do in my own little way.)

What Moreno sees as acts of vengeance, Robredo’s supporters see as steps to hold the Duterte administration accountable for abuses and failures.

Moreno’s messaging is consistent with his speeches during his visits around the country where he strives to portray himself as a political outsider bringing a breath of fresh air to a scene dominated by a few powerful families.

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Lacson and Pacquiao, like Moreno, were among the aspirants Robredo engaged in talks with in the hopes of unifying to secure a non-administration victory in the upcoming national elections.

The two have also fared slightly worse or at par with Moreno in recent vote preference surveys, surveys which were topped by Marcos, and, at far second place, Robredo.

All candidates were asked by Abunda to comment on their rivals, in a segment of his presidential interviews called “Political Fast Talk.”

Robredo, in her interview, said Moreno shouldn’t get the Filipinos’ vote because his stance on various issues is unclear. Lacson gave just one response for all his rivals, telling Abunda he wouldn’t vote for any of them simply because he was running for president. Marcos refused to answer the question directly, saying he wasn’t into “negative campaigning.” The interview with Pacquiao is yet to air. – Rappler.com

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