Rodrigo Duterte

[WATCH] #TunayNaPagbabago: Kuwentong Ex-DDS

As the 2022 elections come closer, former die-hard Duterte supporters had time to rethink and question the political ideals they consumed. In this video, they tell their stories.

DDS stands for Die-hard Duterte Supporter, a term for political hardliners who support President Rodrigo Duterte. Despite controversy after controversy, there is an enduring base of supporters who see Duterte’s politics as a necessary evil. Some see him as the strongman we need – they argue that it’s the only way to enact meaningful change in a system as broken as the Philippines.

Duterte’s popularity endures to the point that he might end his term as the president with the highest approval rating ever– even if the Philippines had the worst pandemic response and the lowest pandemic resilience ranking in the world.

Now, it has been almost six years since his presidential win, and the country is gearing up for the 2022 national elections. Over the course of his administration, some former die-hard supporters have had time to rethink the political ideals and propaganda that they consumed. People are transcending their echo chambers and are finally changing their minds.

People like Chrisanto, a 53-year old OFW from Canada, says that Duterte’s failed drug war and ad hominem attacks against people who scrutinize the government pushed Filipinos to withdraw their support for the president.

In this video, they tell their stories. –

This video is co-produced by Rappler interns Maurice Arcilla, Mary Joyce Custodio, Jemina Garcia, Guia Marie Gutierrez, and Dennie Leo Logan.