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Apollo Quiboloy and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, from abuse to multi-million properties


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Apollo Quiboloy and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, from abuse to multi-million properties

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Read Rappler's investigative reports on the fugitive Apollo Quiboloy and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ

Doomsday preacher Apollo Quiboloy is on the run as he faces mounting cases both here and abroad related to alleged abuse committed under his Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC).

Two courts in the Philippines – in Davao City and Pasig City – already released warrants of arrest against Quiboloy but he has yet to be arrested, even if several of his close aides had already surrendered. There is also a pending arrest order from the Senate after he failed to attend hearings probing into allegations against him and his church.

Quiboloy has also put on the US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s most-wanted list since early 2022, for sex trafficking of children and promotional money laundering, among others. An FBI poster says the preacher allegedly forced his followers to “solicit donations for a bogus charity, donations that actually were used to finance church operations and the lavish lifestyle of its leaders.”

These allegations have been the subject of investigative reports published by Rappler since 2021. In this page, you will find links to these exclusive reports that investigated the alleged abuse inside KOJC as well as Quiboloy’s multi-million-peso properties in the US and Canada.

Bookmark this page as Rappler continues to follow and investigate Quiboloy and his church. If you have tips or any other helpful information, you may share them with us via email: investigative@rappler.com.

What you need to know about Quiboloy

FAST FACTS: Who is Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the ‘Appointed Son of God’?

Doomsday preacher Apollo Quiboloy is part of the US FBI’s most wanted list for sex trafficking of children and promotional money laundering, among others

Accessories, Sunglasses, Adult

PRIMER: Investigations, cases against Apollo Quiboloy

What are the cases, complaints, and investigations faced by the doomsday preacher?

History of alleged abuse inside Quiboloy’s church
Adult, Male, Man

THE CASE VS QUIBOLOY | Years of alleged abuse, fraud catch up with Davao preacher

The influential preacher refers to November 18, 2021, as the day of his ‘crucifixion.’ Federal prosecutors in the US have filed a string of criminal cases against him and his associates – allegations corroborated by traumatized ex-members who spoke with Rappler.

Quiboloy sexually abused women, minors – ex-followers, US prosecutors

Former workers and members of the Davao-based Kingdom of Jesus Christ organization are out to make the preacher account for the years of abuse and exploitation they experienced

‘Root of all evil’: Quiboloy church’s demands for money mire followers in debt

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s wealth is built on the heaving backs of his followers. The ‘children’ of his ‘kingdom’ are made to quit school or jobs, sell properties, and take out loans to meet quotas. They are punished when they fail to deliver, abandoned when they get sick.

Stolen lives, lost identities: Quiboloy’s ex-followers traumatized for years

Members who escape the Davao-based ‘kingdom’ suffer emotional and psychological abuse and need help to fully recover

3 survivors of Quiboloy’s ‘kingdom’ bare ordeal

They are part of a network of survivors speaking out about how they experienced abuse inside the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Parts of their narrative mirror details in the 74-page indictment against preacher Apollo Quiboloy, who calls himself the ‘appointed son of God.’

Playing gods in Davao: Duterte’s death squad, Quiboloy’s kingdom

There’s a side to Davao that had long existed, but which the rest of the Philippines didn’t know about until the city mayor became president.

Uncovering Quiboloy’s lavish lifestyle, properties

Inside Quiboloy’s lavish world: Mansions, rich-and-famous lifestyle in North America

A Rappler investigation uncovers three properties estimated to be worth P338 million traced to Pastor Apollo Quiboloy and his group. Two of these are in Canada, while one is located in an affluent part of California, near the homes of celebrities.

Quiboloy in the US: More multi-million properties in Las Vegas, Hawaii

A Rappler investigation uncovers two more properties estimated to be worth P262.52 million traced to Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. One is a lavish mansion in Las Vegas worth about P165 million.

A peek into Quiboloy’s expensive gun collection

Doomsday preacher Apollo Quiboloy owns firearms amounting to at least P2.3 million ($41,000). At least five pistols are worth over P200,000 ($3,500) each. 

Newsbreak Chats: Uncovering the lavish world of Quiboloy

What’s next for the doomsday preacher who is facing a series of legal cases?

– Jodesz Gavilan/Rappler.com

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    How many days has Quiboloy been hiding? Rappler may investigate the backgrounds of the NBI and PNP officials involved in this case. Hints may rise after such an investigation. PBBM should give those officials a deadline. They must be replaced if they cannot arrest Quiboloy on or before that deadline. Rappler may also reprint articles about Pharmally executives who hide in Davao City. A pattern may become visible after their reprinting.

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