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Liza Marcos’ heritage project pays tribute to presidents – including her husband

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Liza Marcos’ heritage project pays tribute to presidents – including her husband

SUPPORT. First Lady Liza Marcos stands behind President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. as he delivers a message after opening the Malacañang Heritage Tours and Goldenberg Series on Tuesday, May 30, 2023. Photo by PPA POOL/KJ Rosales

Bahay Ugnayan is devoted to an exhibit on President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s 'Road to Malacañang'

Touted by the Palace as a “remarkable initiative,” the Malacañang Heritage Tours puts a spotlight on Philippine presidents, including the one who’s currently in power.

The brainchild of this “extraordinary endeavor?” No less than First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos.

The project involves three historical structures in the Malacañang compound – Bahay Ugnayan, the Teus Mansion, and the Goldenberg Mansion.

At the Bahay Ugnayan, the spotlight is on just one person, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

A Malacañang press statement said that at Bahay Ugnayan, “visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the life and times of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.”

“The experience provides a unique opportunity to explore the formative years of President Marcos, witness the defining moments of his tenure, and marvel at the campaign materials that paved the path to his presidency,” it added.

Inside the museum are memorabilia from the recently-conducted 2022 presidential elections.

TOUR. President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr tours the Bahay Ugnayan during the ceremonial opening of the Malacanang Heritage Tours and Goldenberg Series on Tuesday, May 30, 2023. Photo by Yummie Dingding/PPA POOL

Also part of the exhibit are documents that the Marcos camp had used in contesting the 2016 vice presidential elections, which Marcos lost – a reality the Supreme Court affirmed in early 2021.

Teus Mansion, meanwhile, features memorabilia and the history of the country’s other Philippine presidents – including the President’s father and namesake, the dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

“The Teus Mansion, an exquisite showcase of the vibrant and diverse history of Philippine presidents, houses an extensive collection of priceless memorabilia. Within its walls, visitors can marvel at presidential attire, footwear, flags, and exquisitely sculpted busts, paying homage to our revered leaders,” the Malacañang press statement said.

The display also includes the two Aquino and two Macapagal presidents – Cory Aquino and her son Noynoy and Diosdado Macapagal and his daughter Gloria – and other past presidents.

Interestingly, the older Macapagal was denied a second presidential term (terms then were four years long, with a two-term limit) as he lost to Ferdinand E. Marcos, who would go on to keep control of Malacañang for over two decades.

Gloria Arroyo, who first assumed the presidency following the ouster of Joseph “Erap” Estrada, is an ally of President Marcos – although their alliance seems to have been tested over power squabbles in Congress.

Cory Aquino, wife of Marcos-era opposition stalwart Ninoy Aquino, was swept into power through the People Power Revolution, ending decades of abuses and corruption under the first Marcos presidency.

A section in the Teus museum also features the portraits of Philippine first ladies, including Liza Marcos.

FIRST LADIES. Portraits of former first ladies are part of the exhibit. Photo by Yummie Dingding/PPA POOL

Then-first lady Imelda Marcos bought the Goldenberg Mansion, which was renovated by National Artist Leandro Locsin, then used as a guest house for formal functions hosted by the Palace. It was once the home and headquarters of US military governor-general Arthur MacArthur Jr., father of General Douglas MacArthur.

This time, it will be the base of the Goldenberg Series, a “cultural initiative aimed at raising awareness and celebrating the diverse cultural heritage of the Philippines.” Performances, exhibitions, and programs will be hosted at Goldenberg.

Marcos, his wife, and second son Simon attended the launch of the project. It’s the first time for all three to be opened to the public as museums, although Bahay Ugnayan used to house executive offices, including the Philippine Commission for Women and the Presidential Complaint Center.

While other presidential memorabilia are on display at the Teus Museum, image cleansing is certainly a key component of the Marcos narrative.

Throughout his 2022 run and even as president, the younger Marcos has cherry picked his father’s legacy – highlighting points when convenient, and always sidestepping the rampant abuse during the first Marcos regime.

From diplomatic ties to agricultural policies, Marcos Jr. has been proudly referencing his father’s murky legacy.

The Malacañang Heritage Tours are free and open to the public, which require reservations via Malacañang’s social secretary (contact the office via email, call (02) 8735-6080, or Facebook message). –


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