Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

LIVESTREAM: Marcos at the 2023 PMA homecoming

LIVESTREAM: Marcos at the 2023 PMA homecoming
Marcos attends the PMA homecoming for the first time as president

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines – For the first time since being elected as president, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. goes up to the City of Pines to join the Philippines’ military, police, and political elite at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) homecoming.

The PMA is where a huge chunk of military and police generals matriculated. A long list of PMA graduates have gone on to become leaders not only in the uniformed ranks but in business, politics, and beyond.

The academy is also home to many soldiers who were once complicit in the regime of the President’s father and namesake, the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. Its graduates, too, are among those who rebelled against the dictator and joined the movement to oust him.

Marcos is set to address graduates of the PMA on Saturday morning, February 17. – Rappler.com

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