Sara Duterte

[WATCH] Sara Duterte starts 2024 at a crossroads
[WATCH] Sara Duterte starts 2024 at a crossroads
Will Duterte stay put, playing second fiddle to Marcos Jr?

MANILA, Philippines – As education secretary, Vice President Sara Duterte began the tradition of delivering an annual speech called the “Basic Education Report,” which, in tone and pomp, resembles the President’s yearly State of the Nation Address. But even in this event on January 25, Duterte makes her entrance a few steps behind President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., to whom she is but the spare tire.

Duterte hits the right notes in her speech, touching on the country’s worsening learning gap and promising reforms teachers have long been clamoring for. But all this takes place amid speculation that her rapport with “Uniteam” partner Marcos is deteriorating, and her own actions that signal a change in what appeared to be the plan, and that she might not keep for long her second-fiddle act to Marcos.

Rappler’s Bonz Magsambol takes a look at Duterte starting 2024 at a crossroads. –

Reporter: Bonz Magsambol
Videographer and video editor: Ulysis Pontanares
Graphic artist: Andoy Edoria
Producer: JC Gotinga
Supervising producer: Beth Frondoso

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